Interview: The Hunna

The Hunna

Words: Daniel Burton

Rapidly becoming one of the biggest indie rocker outfits on the scene at the moment, The Hunna are heading back out on tour and are ready to take 2019 by the scruff of its neck. Ahead of their upcoming UK and European tour, Popped were able to get a few whispers from the Hertfordshire 4-piece about the going ons in the world of The Hunna.

How has 2019 treated The Hunna so far?

Pretty well, everything that’s come our way has been positive in making this year the biggest in our careers as of yet.

We’ve seen that you’re playing a number of festivals over the summer including Neighbourhood Weekender, R&L & TRNSMT amongst others, but which are you most looking forward too? 

Would have to say R&L for sure. Playing the main stage has always been a huge goal for us and now we’re about to experience it for the first time. Not only that but we have a few surprises that we can’t wait to unveil.

Whilst ‘100’ is a great album, ‘Dare’ showed great growth and development from the band, and it is clear that the production and overall quality has improved as you have progressed. But with this, to me, the sound also feels like it has a much deeper fuller rock sound, was this intentional? Or is this part of the development of your sound and where you see it going in the future?

Cheers, appreciate that. Our roots stem from our love for the great rock bands we grew up listening to so I guess it was the path that naturally took place for ‘Dare’. We’re constantly developing and changing as people and ingesting new music through that as well so that would naturally effect our sound. We never shy away from tapping into new areas, we always want to keep our sound fresh for the listener and keep people guessing. 

‘Dare’ has been out for almost 8 months now, how do you feel the fans have reacted to it?

Feels much longer than that! We couldn’t have asked for a better response from our fans. Some are saying it’s their favourite which is a huge thing for us to hear as the second album is a big step in any bands career. They’re always so honest and direct with how they feel about the music which means a lot to us.

You are returning back to tour life in April, how excited are you to finally be back out on the road again?

It’s been a big gap for us but we feel well rested and honestly itching to get back on stage and start creating more memories!

What can we expect from this tour?  

Expect a re-energised Hunna with some new fresh sonics for the listeners! There is also big support from Barns Courtney and Retro Video Club, we’re excited to see them live!

Now that the second album is out and has had time for the fans to get to know it, will this see some of the songs from ‘100’ replaced by newer songs on the setlist?

Yeah, we intend to mix it up for this tour, bringing back some of ours and the fans’ favourites from ‘100’ with some tunes from ‘Dare’ too, creating a big boy set list! 

Which song do you think the crowd will react to the best on tour?

I mean ‘She’s casual’ is always a real moment no matter where we are in the world, but you never know. Now ‘Dare’ is out and people have had a chance to take it in and let it breathe, we could see a mad reaction from a song off that album. 

It appears from your socials that you may have been in the studio recording, does this mean new music? If so, are we likely to hear any of this in your upcoming shows?

Correct, there’s new music in the pipeline which we’re very excited about and yes, we intend to finally show everyone what we’ve been up to.

Were there any new influences that you had around making ‘Dare’ or any new music that may be coming?

There aren’t many new influences that we haven’t already mentioned but mainly bringing all the vibes that we enjoy listening to in general and putting it together in our Hunna way, especially for this new album we’re in the process of making.

What new bands are you listening to at the moment?

We’re really enjoying Yonaka at the moment and also Sam Fender’s stuff is really impressive. 

Aside from tour and summer festival schedule, is there any other exciting plans that your fans can look forward to in 2019? Collaborations, new music, more shows etc…

There are actually a few things in the process of being completed. Collaborating with new artists are one of them but can’t say who yet, people will find out this summer.  Also making new movements in the clothing game which the we feel the fans will love. Can’t wait to get it all going now!

Despite keeping their lips tightly sealed, with this drip-fed information I think it’s fair to say 2019 is going to be one hell of a year for The Hunna, and a very busy one too. A huge tour, more summer plans and a clothing line …….. oh and another new album …….. Exciting times for The Hunna fans!


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