SXSW With: Anteros

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Sitting at Vevo House – the venue which is about to become our most used venue to hang with bands – I get to meet Anteros… finally. It’s been a good few years since I first saw them live, yet somehow it’s taken until now to finally meet them. Hailing from London and formed back in 2014 they now find themselves at home with record label Distiller and about to sit down and chat… with me!

First off how do you pronounce your name? (ED: This is a source of much debate during Popped Music pizza and vinyl nights)

It’s Anteros (ED: with all the syllables pronounced softly), but you can use different ways of saying it as long as you spell it right.

How did the band start off?

Laura: We started the band a few years ago when Josh and I started writing together and we didn’t really know what we were writing towards until we reached the song Anteros, and that triggered what was to come. We were lazy when it came to picking a band name. You always have so many names on the burner when it comes to picking one, so we went with the name of the track. Then Harry, our drummer, joined us a year later and Jackson joined as the second guitarist a year later when the original guitarist left.

Josh: We actually invited Jackson by text. We were thinking about what we should do when our previous guitarist left, and I was chatting with Laura and I, almost as a joke, suggested Jackson as we had met him on tour when he was guitar tech for Blossoms. I said it as a joke as I knew he was committed to Blossoms, but Laura said “just text him”. Within fifteen minutes later it was a done deal, and then two weeks later we were signed.

Laura: The first gig Jackson played with us was in Manchester in his hometown as we were playing two nights at the Apollo.

Jackson: Actually it was about the fifth gig, as we did a couple of smaller gigs to warm up for the Apollo. But it was absolutely massive in there. I was thrown in at the deep end, just over two years ago.

Laura: We work well as we are all very different. Bands usually come in two forms. They are either made up of people who are all similar, or everybody in the band is completely different in almost every possible way but then somehow the music meets in the middle. We are definitely the second type. We all have different musical backgrounds and tastes, but there are a handful of bands and artists that we have in common i.e. Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys and Blur that have found the common ground.

What has led you to SXSW this year?

Laura: Well our album release. It’s next week?

Josh: Yeah, in eleven days.


We need that in our Inbox ASAP.

Laura: We’ve got an album coming out in eleven days, so SXSW could not have come at a better time for us. We were already on the road, we’ve been touring around Europe with SWMRS for the last two weeks, and everything has just been ramping up as we get closer to the release date. I think we’ve all wanted to come here, I know I’ve wanted to come to it since I started in music.

Jackson: Oh it’s definitely been on the bucket list for everybody.

Laura: I think it is on the bucket list for everybody in a band, but I know we did say to our management last year that we would be at SXSW this year. He said it was expensive and you never knew what would happen, but then we got a grant to pay for it and we feel really lucky to be here, and we are really happy to be playing. Jet lag hasn’t hit us too badly either, and we are loving every second of the Tex Mex food.

Jackson: FREE Tex Mex food and Margaritas.

Josh: Eating Tex Mex food and drinking Margaritas all day for free is pretty cushty. And we are playing a few shows too. Winner!

Who are you looking forward to seeing at SXSW?

Laura: I’m really can’t want to watch Amyl and The Sniffers. I’ve been singing I’m Not A Loser for days and I keep yelling “hanky panky” down the road. My favourite line is “people always say that I’m a hooker, but all I want to be is a venue booker, I’m not a loser, I’m not a loser”. So that is going to be my Thursday night. Sadly we are clashing with Billie Eilish on Saturday, but that’s when we are playing the Radio One stage so it’s not too bad. I’d really like to see King Princess and Car Seat Headrest. I’m under pressure. ASK THEM!

Jackson: Laura was going through the list last night, and we actually saw that there’s a film about the album with Sting and Shaggy which we would like to watch.

Josh: We have a bit of a soft spot for Shaggy. He frequently appears in our tour van jams.

Laura: I think we want to see Art School Girlfriend too, Holiday Sidewinder can be fun too. Have you seen the video with all the naked men? I’m a big Alex Cameron fan and she’s his keyboard player, but she’s doing her own thing. I think it’s very much in the style of Madonna and she’s got like a Britney mic and all sorts so I’m going to check it out. I mean, why not?

Josh: And I want to see Grace Carter and Sam Fender too.

Are you playing Fender House?

Laura: No, we’re not. Gibson have loaned us all our guitars for this tour, so we think it would be mean of us to go there. I really want to go see Shirley Manson and Lauren Mayberry doing the keynote speeches. Shirley Manson is also doing a chat on Friday called “#YouToo – Creating A More Inclusive Music Industry” which I think is very much necessary.

Jackson: There’s also something about a photographer called Jim Marshall so that’s a yes from me. Although I can’t remember where that is, but I want to check that out.

What plans do you have aside from the album for the rest of the year? Post SXSW comedown obviously.

Josh: Well we’ve got our UK tour.

Laura: And we’ve got a few in stores happening around the time of the album release, and then we are going on tour around the UK for two or three weeks. And we are doing the Scala in London which is exciting and Gorilla in Manchester. We are playing some cool venues. After that we are going to try to get back out to Europe and then we’ve got festival season. So it’s going to be about taking the album out on tour as much as possible. It is important to get to Europe for as many shows as possible and we’ve had a really good time when we’ve played out there recently, so we want to make sure we get back to there and solidify what has been happening.

Are there questions that you wish people would ask but never do?

Laura: No, but there are questions that we wish people wouldn’t ask but they do.

Tell us them then…

Laura: Describe your style or describe your band in three words. It just feels lazy journalism, like you should listen to it and make your own decision on how to describe us. It’s like taking the easy route when you should be proud of your art form.

Listen to Anteros here:

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