SXSW With: Lucia


Words by Elena Katrina

I’ve been a fan of Lucia for a while now and missed them when they played SX last year. I then made it my mission to see them live and did this by witnessing a terrifyingly assured show at The Great Escape. I mean, frontwoman Lucia is terrifying on stage as well as being spectacular at what she does. I will admit, I was a little apprehensive to meet her but her on stage presence couldn’t be further from the laid back, friendly person I encountered here at SX. I was keen to know a little more so we had a chat and recorded it to share with you:

What was the catalyst for you getting into music?

Lucia: I wasn’t any good at anything else in school ha ha. Nah, honestly it was the only thing that ever interested me and made me want to do something creative. I really was the only thing I enjoyed doing as a child and then a teenager. I was always artistic/creative when I was growing up, I danced when I was younger, and I was never really academic either. I loved listening to music every minute of every day when I had the chance. My mum had a guitar which she tried to keep away from me as I’m the most careless person on the planet, but I would always pick it up when she wasn’t looking. And that ended up with me sort of teaching myself how to play guitar. I was playing acoustic music, but I really listened to more electronic and electric guitar music so I knew that was the way I wanted to go. I moved to Glasgow when I was 16/17 after growing up in the countryside. Everything in Glasgow inspired me to do music, and I met a lot of inspirational people who I am still friends with now. There is a really good scene there, and those people who surround me are the biggest motivator to me right now.

Do you consider yourself to be a solo artist with a supporting band? Or is Lucia more of a band?

Lucia: No. We are a band. The guys put in a lot of effort and they love it just as much as I do. We all get on so well. We are a team. Whilst Hamish and I are the ones who write the songs, but when it comes to live performances and making our music come alive it takes all of us. I would very much class us as a band. I know because it is my name it is a bit confusing, but it is a band. We are all called Lucia.

What is it about these particular band members that do you think makes Lucia work so well?

Lucia: Everybody in the band has different qualities and brings those qualities and skills into the project together. I know that I would not be able to create this music live on my own, but we are lucky that we have these individual band members (Ally, Chris, and Hamish). They just love it, and whilst we want to get something out of it, we all do love doing it. They give up a lot of time and energy to our music. And time is really important as you need to have a lot of patience to get somewhere within this industry and they definitely have that. We’re all best friends.

Has there been a moment so far with the band where you’ve thought that you’re exactly where you want to be?

Lucia: Yeah now. Right now, getting interviewed by Popped at SXSW. Genuinely the first kind of big moment was getting our original record deal. As we know there is a lot of talk within the industry, but that moment was when the words became real. You feel like you’ve done it now, but know that actually you’re at the beginning of everything. So up until two years ago when we got that deal, we didn’t know where we were going to go, but that has helped us massively do what have wanted to do and figure out what steps we wished to follow. Now we are able to come here to Austin, to play gigs all over the country, and go to different places playing music. We know we’re not the biggest fucking band in the world yet, but it is a really special feeling to have someone come up to you and say they’ve listened to your music and it connected with them. I could never get bored or tired of that feeling. You can’t believe that people are tuning in and investing in what you are doing. Any musician who has had ambitions through their whole life to do this wants to be here and feel like this. And to be playing at this festival in Texas and have someone come up to me and tell me about how the music I’ve written makes them feel is cool as fuck y’know.

Are there any bands that you really want to catch during SXSW?

Lucia: I really do need to have a better look at the lineup. I’ve been too busy running around taking it all in and accepting the free margaritas to notice the music. No, seriously there is a really good section of the scene over here like Whenyoung, Anteros, Sports Team, Fontaines DC. I am pretty much going to sleep in our venue for the week. There are so many great bands on there that I want to see. There are also bands that I don’t get the chance to see like Cherry Glazerr who I absolutely love. I’d also like to see some bands accidentally as I think at festivals that is often the best time to see bands play. Like when you’re not expecting anything and just walk to a stage and go “oh fuck”.

What plans do you have post-SXSW?

Lucia: So when we go home, we are very excited to be going on the Abby McCarthy Good Karma Club tour with Marsicans. We’ve got loads of festivals. We’re doing The Great Escape again, and we are playing Latitude. I absolutely love Latitude. We are going to LA for the first time after here to play Tennants of the Trees, and we also have a Sofar Sounds session whilst we are there. We’ve also got lots of new music coming too. We are just kind of hiding away experimenting with lots of different sounds right now. All our songs are quite different, we like to try things out. Sometimes the music is funky and sometimes it is very punk. I like to keep people guessing as to what comes next. If we are producing something then that is our sound, it doesn’t have to be just one thing. Hopefully we will be able to share that with everybody through the year.

Check out Lucia here:

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