SXSW With: The Amazons

The Amazons

Words & Photos: Elena Katrina

Almost 3 years ago The Amazons played their first Liverpool show and we were there to grab them, take them off for a beer and to our then photographer Gaz’s house to play table football, while Gary questioned them for an interview. A lot has happened for The Amazons in that time. They’ve released their debut album to great success, they’ve toured like troopers and now they’ve made their way over to the USA for their first ever SXSW. To say I was excited to see this was an understatement. The guys, gents as ever, gave up some of their time ahead of their show to chat with me about their visit here and what more is to come.

You released your album in 2017, and things have been building really well for you ever since then. Is this first trip to SXSW in order to try to build things in the US market?

Matthew: Yep! It’s always a good first step for bands. We played a few shows in LA and New York for the last album, but for this album we have started working with a new team so we are excited to do more things in the US, starting off with SXSW.

Joe: We’ve been getting a lot of play and support on Spotify in the US too, so it makes sense with where we are now to come over and play this festival. It’s kinda like The Great Escape. It’s the perfect place for us to start.

Do you think that this activity in the States will help with what you are doing in the UK?

Matthew: To an extent it will, but it is not something we worry about a huge amount. Success anywhere has a knock on effect because if things are being posted and shared on social media, there is an subsequent boost across the board. Nowadays everybody is connected. Whether you’re in Zanzibar or New Zealand, if you are following us on Twitter and Instagram it’s all the same.

Joe: We are definitely open for bookings in both of those places too.

Are there any bands you want to catch whilst you’re at SXSW?

Matthew: We are seeing Broken Social Scene tonight, and we are definitely going to catch one of Sam Fender’s gigs at some point. And Billie Eilish too.

Joe: I’m looking forward to seeing Viagra Boys. Chris, our guitarist, has introduced me to them. They are really cool. I think they are Australian. They’re an Australian version of Shame.

When you go back home there is the album looming large, but are there any other plans for the near future?

Matthew: Lots of festivals this summer. We are doing Reading and Leeds, Neighbourhood Weekender, and Community Festival in Finsbury Park.

Joe: We are doing Radio One’s Big Weekend too in Middlesbrough. And there’ll be a tour of some description towards the end of the year.

Matthew: Yeah. That’s pretty much what our plans are. We are releasing music and playing shows. As a band that’s what we do. We would like to find something else to add in, but it’s tough to find something new and break the mould.

Has there been a defining moment along the journey so far that’s made you think “this is where we want to go”?

Matthew: It’s going how we want to go as we have released music that we like, and the album that is coming out at the beginning of summer is something that we are really proud of. We honestly think it’s the best thing we have ever done. But as for a defining moment, it is hard to pick just one. Playing Glastonbury was one for sure, but also releasing the first album too which has got us on the way to releasing a second album.

Joe: And if we release a third album, I’d definitely say it’s going the way we want it to. Seriously though, everything that has happened previously has contributed to where we have reached right now, being in Texas at this amazing festival. And all the experiences that we are gaining at the moment will hopefully go to improve us more and push us on further. That’s all we can hope for really.


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