Popped Round Up June 2019

The Round Up June 2019

Words: Daniel Burton

Editor’s Pick

U V U – Toronto Blessings

These Barnsley punks have released their second single of 2019 in U V U which is an energy filled 3 minutes that will get your blood flowing for sure. The riff in the chorus is somewhat a ray of sunlight from the darker sounds within the rest of the track, but this variance that gives it an identity and opens it to a wider audience than the various factions of the heavier scenes. The psychedelic wooshing noises towards the end of the track also help this, adding an extra element to make it more memorable. From the power and sound they produce, it is very easy to picture this track being a shocking explosion of energy when played live. It’s like At The Drive-In have dropped Relationship of Command again but from Yorkshire.

Listen to U V U here


When I Was a Kid – LaKyoto

This is a classic indie-pop tune showing off clear dance influences in the structure and sound it has as well as the traditional inspirations. As a reference point this combination of dance and indie sounds are also used by the pleasurable likes of Casey Lowry, Paris Youth Foundation and The Wombats. With an infectious dance inducing rhythm coupled with jangly guitars and an irresistibly catchy chorus, it is pretty close to being the perfect summer anthem that is ready to be belted out across festival stages around the country.

Listen to When I Was A Kid here


Hey – Oscar Lang ft. Alfie Templeman

A slow start with some synth and a steady drumbeat gives a great introduction to this straight up bop. The sound brings a very chilled laidback vibe to your day and relaxes your mind, whilst lyrically it brings a sense of forgetting about the nonsense of modern culture because it’s just not worth the hassle it brings. Following on from his most successful track The Moon Song as well as two albums, this latest release follows on the same sonic motif which makes me sure that it and any succeeding tracks will be just as if not more successful.

Listen to Hey here


Here It Comes Again – Sports Team

Here It Comes Again is a prime example of the sort of tunes which are exciting the next generation of live music fans and filling gigs up with energy. As you listen to Sports Team, you can feel down to your DNA the energy from their live shows despite having your feet up on the sofa and your AirBuds in. This latest release is upbeat and rocky with an indie-rap style of vocals which match very good together and create a track that is sure to gain plenty backing and airtime. There is no doubt that Sports Team are evolving into one of the most exciting bands at the moment.

Listen to Here It Comes Again here


Outnumbered – Dermot Kennedy

This is the second single from Dermot Kennedy since his eponymous debut album was released earlier this year, and shows that his talented songwriting and unrivalled voice have not stopped moving up the levels. This track starts with just a simple bit acoustic guitar, but in now true Kennedy fashion, it soon unfurls into a masterpiece of electronic drum beats and keys. This is yet another track from the Dublin native that will, without doubt, be a huge hit and help propel his already rapidly evolving career even further.

Listen to Outnumbered here


Body – The LaFontaines

The LaFontaines are Scotland’s answer to The Streets but with the guitar power of the likes of Kasabian and Don Broco. The chorus of Body brings the headbangerability that is normally present during much heavier tracks but coupled with a voice that enslaves you. The trademark sound from this band combines indie rap in verses and modern rock in choruses which provides a smooth bridge between the multiple genres that create the patches on their aural denim jacket. This is a great example of how bands are approaching their work from a variety of influences rather than thinking listening to both The Beatles and The Beach Boys is shaking it up.

Listen to Body here


Money Mind – The Kairos

The Kairos are Liverpool rockers on the up. They bring classic scouse rock and unrelenting energy to every second of their music. This debut release goes a long way to explain why their basement gigs have been sold out as they stick their Oasis and Arctic Monkeys influences on their chest and charge forward. It is unashamedly basic and going to piss off music snobs. Love it!

Listen to Money Mind here

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