Festival Preview: 2Q Festival – Lincoln

2Q Festival – Lincoln

Various venues, Lincoln, 9 November 2019

Words by Gary Lambert

My recommendation to visit 2Q Festival comes straight from the heart as last year I had one of my favourite festival experiences in Lincoln after deciding last minute to go to the festival. It was a great decision as the festival was chock full of wonderful bands, the venues were all close to each other, and everything went smartly through the day. Even though Lincoln is not close to Liverpool, and even further from the far reaches of Cumbria where I will be the night before 2Q, there is no way I am going to miss it.

You might be put off by Lincoln being awkward to get to, but I promise you the festival more than makes up for it – and it is surprisingly cheap when you get there. You can stay overnight with breakfast for cheaper than a round of cocktails. And the city has more than enough charm for you to make the festival into a laidback getaway rather than a heavy hit of music and little else. But the big question is who do we recommend that you go to watch whilst you’re at 2Q Festival…

Saint Agnes

Imagine if Hammer Horror had an in-house blues rock band who were cool enough to star in films as well as soundtracking your nights out and your nightmares. Well that band would be Saint Agnes. The East London four-piece have this year released Welcome To Silvertown, a fantastic piece of dirty rock n roll, but even that LP does not prepare you for the live music debauchery that is to follow. Although even if you haven’t listened to the record, you will not feel left out when it comes to watching them. They will be the first band you search for on your journey home.

Listen to Saint Agnes here:



October Drift

When a band reminds me of Muse in the days of sweaty Academy nights rather than spaceships and stadiums, it means that the band need to be kept watch of. And not just because you worry about them going prog rock. October Drift have an amazing ability to make time stand still such is the intensity and focus they produce on stage. Is that the first song or the fifth song? It’s only disappointing when it is the last song.

Listen to October Drift here:


Calva Louise

Turn up to watch this band. They will be brilliant. I have seen Calva Louise several times now, in several different settings, and not once have they left me thinking they were less than brilliant. There is a wonderful matter of fact about the quality they will show on stage. It’ll be hard, full of tunes, and you will wonder how you have coped without the band in your life so far.

Listen to Calva Louise here:



We must be living in a Marvel-esque Multiverse and we are in one of the extreme versions because that is the only reason why three albums into their career Fatherson are still able to perform at metropolitan festivals. Go to see them and you will find a band who make every track expansive yet able to find their way into your soul rather than engulf you. It is a crime against nature that Fatherson are not yet one of the biggest acts around such is the wonderful appeal of their music.

Listen to Fatherson here:


And there are still at least forty bands still to come on the bill for the festival. It’s going to be like a great summer festival but you can wear your expensive big coats at.

Get your Tier 2 tickets HERE before 30th September (or they sell out) for the bargain price of £27.50.

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