Words: Sammy Sadler
Photography: Callum Robinson

It’s been a busy year for Teesside sweethearts Llovers and it’s not about to slow down anytime soon. With new EP Things That I Don’t Understand due for release at the end of October and a string of dates already in the pipeline for November and December, including support slots for Wild Front, it looks like the lads are geared up to see 2019 out with a bang.

I’ve been a fan of Llovers for what feels like forever now and it’s been exciting to watch them really come into their own over the past year or so. Their sunshine-fuelled dream-pop had me hooked from the first time I caught them live at 2018’s Stockton Calling and every time they release a new track I fall in love all over again. With positive support from the likes of BBC Radio One and Radio X, as well as impressive sets at the likes of BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend in Middlesbrough this year under their belts, there’s been plenty for the lads to shout about. 

With so many highlights, I was really keen to know if there’s been one stand out moment, with David telling me that it was supporting the likes of one of our Popped favourites that’s been his real shining moment.  

“A definite highlight for me was playing the O2 with Sundara Karma. It’s the place I saw my first gig and the crowd were mint as well, it was just a defining moment for me playing that venue. 

“Obviously Big Weekend was pretty sick as well with it being a local crowd. It was a proper good moment for Boro that people will remember for a long time to come so it was nice to be part of that.”

Live dates have played a big part in Llovers’ journey over the past 18 months especially and the band have gathered a lush fanbase both locally and further afield. One thing that always stood out for me with Llovers’ music when I first became a fan was the psychedelic, shoegaze feel that runs through each track. Luckily for me, and all the rest of us fans, is that they’ve managed to retain and grow that style over their past releases and with the unveiling of latest single Honestly, it was really apparent that style was here to stay. However there was an evident huge nod to what else the five-piece can do, with Jack saying: 

“We’re always evolving, mostly due to the fact I have literally no attention span at all. Musically, I don’t have any idea what we’ll do next. Because we take a lot of care with our lyrical content people assume our tracks are somewhat premeditated, but really I’m quite an impulsive writer. I just let my mood and whatever happens on the day dictate 99% of what song comes out.”

With the excitement around Honestly and what else Llovers have in their back pockets still lingering on my mind, I was keen to know exactly what to expect when the EP comes out at the end of the month. With Chad Male of Cape Cub onboard for the production process and a big thumbs up for both Honestly and May’s release Coming Loose, it looks like we are in for a treat with Jack adding: 

I think people can expect a more defining statement about ourselves as a band and what we do. 

“The EP will provide a very together, solid statement about us and its the first time we’ve had a group of songs all produced and mixed by the same person, Chad Male (Cape Cub). He’s been a dream – I think our music has been really helped with consistency in its production as our tracks really can span genres & blending of ideas. Working with Chad really helped to bring the whole thing together as one.”

As the countdown to the EP begins and we cross off our calendar days until we can finally hear it in all its glory, it can’t hurt to look a little further ahead at the plans for the future. And David assures me that it definitely doesn’t end there. 

“We want to play to as many new people as we can. We’ve got a new single and a B-side nearly recorded and another EP that’s getting its finishing touches added now. We just want to keep putting out music for as long as people want to listen to it.”

Well you can count me in that guys – I’m sure I’ll be listening for ages to come yet. 

Things That I Don’t Understand is out on 30th October so make sure you follow Llovers on Facebook for all the latest news.  

Listen to Llovers’ latest single Honestly below: 



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