Quarantine Questions – Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari

Quarantine Questions

Additional words by Sammy Sadler

Arguably one of the most ‘out there’ British rock bands of recent times with their politically-fuelled lyrics and boisterous live performances, Enter Shikari have been up there with my favourites for a long time now. Flirting the lines of punk, hardcore, alt-rock and pop to name just a few, the St Albans’ formed quartet have no trouble selling out venues and gathering festival crowds across the globe. 

With their vast experience of the music industry as a whole, which dates back almost 20 years since the band formation was completed in 2003, and their sixth album Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible set for release on 17th April, I caught up with lead vocalist and electronics guru Rou Reynolds to see how lockdown is going and what we can expect from the new LP.

1. How are you doing in these unusual times?

I’m doing ok, thank you. I have my health and so do my loved ones so I certainly cannot complain.

2. It’s fair to say that you are known for your politically-charged lyrics and strong views on what’s happening in the world. Do you think the current circumstances we’re experiencing will spark some form of inspiration for new tracks or has it already?

I’m certainly still in the exhaustion stage from writing this new album at the moment. We only finished it in January and it was such an intense end so I’m just enjoying other parts of life at the moment.

But I am certainly starting to feel the itch to get back to writing again amongst everything that is going on!

3. You’ve been in the music business for a long time now. What advice would you give to those newer artists that have had to cancel/rearrange tours and may be worrying about how to move forward?

Well as everyone is saying, this is a completely unprecedented experience. We are certainly worrying about how to move forward ourselves and don’t really have many answers.

Playing live is still the most important and immediate way to welcome people into your musical world. We can only look forward to when this is over and we can do that freely again!

For now we can only support each other and be grateful for our audience’s passion and try to connect with them in other ways.

4. What are you most looking forward to when we get out of lockdown?

Well, obviously playing shows, I think they’re going to be quite euphoric when we start again!

But other than that – and being able to see my family and friends of course – simply eating out. All this cooking is exhausting!

Can’t wait to go sit in somewhere and have some tasty food. Although I will say I’ve perfected my carrot hot dogs at least.

5. Do you have anything digital planned such as live streams whilst we’re all stuck in the house that you want everyone to tune into?

Yeah during release week we’ll be doing quite a few I would have thought!

6. Your new album, Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible is out very soon. What can we all expect to hear on it?

It’s our most diverse album yet, a real journey. It has everything from raucous and raw punk tracks to a full orchestral piece.

Our last album explored human vulnerability, this album explores human possibility – both as an optimistic promise and a terrifying threat.

7. If you could choose one band/artist that everyone should be listening to right now, who would it be and why?

Ah at times like these, you just have to stick on some soul, have a little dance and be grateful for what you have. Get some Chairman Of The Board, Edwin Starr or Eddie Kendricks on.

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