Quarantine Questions: Talkboy


Quarantine Questions

Additional Words and Photos by Gary Lambert

Quarantine QuestionsDuring Lockdown one of my main listening outlets has been blasting Talkboy’s Over and Under Unplugged EP.  The sunshine and joy that comes from every note of those four tracks has matched perfectly with the bright blue skies that have seemingly been gifted by Gaia to help us all keep our spirits up.  If that’s not enough to keep your spirits up, Talkboy have now treated us to a new single, Feel Again.  The Leeds sextet never fail to entertain and uplift, and their Quarantine Questions are able to do exactly the same as their music.

1. How are you doing?

I think we’re just about as good as you can be in this crazy time that we find ourselves in. Personally I’m drifting between an unsettling relaxed comfort, panic, existential crisis and trying not to start drinking before a reasonable time (noon).


Talkboy 32. How have your recent releases/gigs gone?

Our most recent gig was at a really great venue called the Parish in Huddersfield but it was about 4 days before the lockdown was announced so it was pretty surreal. It’s really frustrating because I think we were playing better than we ever have before and then we had to cancel the headline leg of the tour for very obvious and real reasons. But we’re all super excited to get going again with the re-arranged dates, I know we always say we’re excited but all the stuff that has gone on in the past few weeks has really revitalised us. It’ll be like our first ever gig when we’re allowed to do it again – hopefully we will be a bit better than we were on our first gig though. Release wise, our next single comes out on 17th April so we will have to let you know then.


3. What are you doing to keep yourself occupied in Lockdown?

We actually had one of those really annoying group video calls the other day where everyone talks over each other because of the lag but we managed to come up with a bit of a plan of things we are going to do. Other than that stuff (which I won’t say because it’s not finalised yet) I’ve been cooking loads, trying to write a little bit every day (with varying success), video calling pretty much everyone I know and I’ve started hosting a quiz on a Wednesday where we drink and try to recreate the greatness of that glorious thing that seems like a distant memory now – the pub.


 4. Who have you been listening to recently?  I’ve found that I’ve gone back to old favourites in Lockdown rather than obsessively scouring for new music

Yeh I’ve done a bit of that as well actually, I’ve become re-obsessed with Tom Petty & the Heatbreakers, The Stooges and Blondie. I also realised I’ve been needlessly starving myself of The Flaming Lips, particularly The Soft Bulletin album and particularly the first song on that album – Race For The Prize. Calum (singer and guitarist) pointed me in the direction of Dr Dog which I will be forever grateful for, the album ’Shame’ is quickly becoming an altimeter favourite. Andy Shauf released some more amazing music recently, as have Big Thief, as have U.S Girls, this could go on for some time.


Talkboy 25. What has been the favourite gig you’ve played? 

We’ve been so lucky to be asked to play some really special gigs it’s hard to pick one out, two spring to mind for different reasons. The first one was our release show for Over & Under at Nation of Shopkeepers in our hometown of Leeds. You can’t really go wrong with a sold out hometown headline gig, not much more needs to be said there. And then the other one was Bluedot last summer. We went the night before we played and thought it would be a good idea to check out the stage we were on. We got there and we were all like ‘surely this isn’t right, it’s MASSIVE’. It was right and it really felt special to play in front of that many people, I’ll remember that one for a long time.


 6. If you were only able to listen to one album in quarantine, what would you pick?

If we are talking about this quarantine we are currently experiencing I would say Dr Dog – Shame. That being said, we don’t know how long this will last so that might have to change depending on he length of quarantine


 7. What would you say represents your sound?

An actual Talkboy toy, kind of old and weird.


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