Quarantine Questions – Lauran Hibberd

Lauran Hibberd

Quarantine Questions

Quarantine QuestionsAdditional Words by Gary Lambert

Over the last couple of years Lauran Hibbard has very easily become one of the acts who seems to unite all of Team Popped with the bangers and bops she drops on a regular basis.  In tracks like Hoochie, Sweat Patch and Bang Bang Bang we’ve fought over who gets to review them and danced around our own living rooms listening to each of them.  Alongside our boss mate, Zuzu, Lauran too has been one of the artists who have really lit up Lockdown with her Instagram Live sessions.  Fortunately, she has also given up some time to answer our Quarantine Questions too.

1.  How are you?

Hey!! I’m okay actually, hanging in there. It’s a weird and scary time but have managed to find some productivity in it. It’s easy to have good and bad day’s, but all in all I am working a way through it, one easter egg at a time.


Lauran Hibberd 22.  How have your recent gigs and releases gone?

Great actually! I’m releasing my brand new single in a few weeks, so very excited for that but I released Bang Bang Bang at the start of the year and it went down amazingly well. My headline tour in February was unreal, I really wasn’t expecting the turn out – it felt like a real turning point for me. It was great to sell out three of the five shows as well. I’m on my way to releasing my second EP, so you can expect little sneak peaks and releases off of that throughout the year.


3.  What have you been doing to keep yourself occupied during Lockdown?

I’ve written a song a day since Day One of the Lockdown so by the time it finishes I’ll have two albums in the bag HAHA!  I’ve also been recording a video for my new release Old Nudes (which you can pre-save here) and exercising more than ever.  As I’m Britain’s Unfittest this is progress!  I’m also reading a lot, it’s nice to have time to do things like that.  A good source of inspiration for me.


4.  Who have you been listening to lately?  (Personally I’ve listened to loads of old favourites whilst stuck in the house)

I’m the same.  A lot of Weezer, Blue and Green album.  The new Soccer Mommy album Bloodstream is amazing as well.  A bit of Phoebe Bridgers, and also Breeders, and Land of Talk.


Lauran Hibberd5.  What has been your favourite gig you’ve played?

It has to be Glastonbury! Was such a bucketlist for me, I cried afterwards! Was great to be there for BBC Introducing as well. Or Shepherds Bush Empire supporting Hippo Campus based purely in it being so surreal and my favourite venue ever!!!


6.  If you were only to listen to one album during quarantine what would it be?

Probably Better Oblivion Community Centre, just because there’s something in there for every mood, and for every weather.  Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst make up the best supergroup ever!!! I want more but don’t think they will ever do anything else 😦


7.  What would you say represents your sound?

Slacker pop! Someone said to me it’s like finding fresh bubblegum under an
old table – I liked that a lot.


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