Quarantine Questions: Berries


Quarantine Questions

Additional words by Gary Lambert

Quarantine QuestionsBerries are undoubtedly one of our most loved bands at Popped Music.  Their punchy rock bangers (available here) are regularly coming out of my speakers at home, and their name has appeared several times on the bills we’ve put on.

1.  How are you doing?
Holly – Yes all good here thanks considering the crazy times we are in at the moment!
Lauren –  I’m good, working from home during the day which is keeping me very busy!
Lucie – All things considered i’m very well thank you! Its sunny, I turned off my heating and will have a lower bill, touch wood i’m safe and temporarily have all the free time in the world.

2.  How have your recent releases/gigs gone?
Holly – We released our new EP at the end of last year and we are so happy with the reaction! We had a good start to this year and played some really nice shows and we have just finished off our new single (which we are really excited about!) so just planning when to release it!
Lauren – Really well, we’re so proud of our newest EP. Our last show before Lock down was with The Mysterines and it was awesome! We’ve got a new single coming out but unfortunately our release show has had to be pushed back because of the current situation. Hoping it won’t be too long before we can get out there again on the raz!
Lucie – The Mysterines was the last show and it went down a treat, having fun with the girls, full room, merch selling like cupcakes, what else to say!

3.  What are you doing to keep yourself occupied in Lockdown?
Holly – Lots of playing, writing, reading and recording some videos and doing some virtual gigs!!
Lauren – Playing a lot more guitar! Filling the flat with origami, BBQs (feeling grateful to have a garden), relentlessly cleaning! Eating chocolate.
Lucie –  Apart from drumming alongside my Spotify playlist I’m making fabric masks for my neighbours and family, started cooking more and more!

4.  Who have you been listening to recently?
Holly – A lot of streaming gigs so I am discovering a lot of new music which is nice and the favourites Biffy, Hendrix and Nirvana are constantly on.
Lauren – I’ve actually had the radio on a lot during the day whilst I’m working. It feels quite nice to have the company! Other than that a lot of Biffy Clyro, always Biffy Clyro.
Lucie – Thanks to being there at the right time and even though I don’t usually click on whats advertised on Spotify I have to admit I’ve been listening to Dua Lipa’s new album, Future Nostalgia!! And sorry to say but Netflix is always on so have been taking over Spotify a bit, shame on me!

5.  What has been the favourite gig you’ve played?
Holly – Probably Electric Brixton supporting Cherry Glazerr, I loved everything about it!
Lauren – Loved our last show at The Dome with the Mysterines, was such a great venue and the crowd was huge and friendly! Also our last headline show last year at Colours was great because we got to play with our friends in The Franklys and Chorus Girl
Lucie – Village Underground with Ex Hex! Or Head For The Hills in Manchester where I fell on my ass running to find a drum pedal after mine broke LOL

6.  If you were only able to listen to one album in quarantine, what would you pick?
Holly – Such a hard question but probably Nirvana Nevermind
Lauren – The Subways Young For Eternity
Lucie – Forgive me, I would cheat and make my own compilation, The Rasmus, Papa Roach, Hoobastank, PVRIS. ok PVRIS I pick PVRIS!!

7.  What would you say represents your sound?
Holly – Crunchy Crunch Crunch Rock Grunge Riffs
Lauren – Rocky, grungey, sometimes funky, heavy, riffy kind of stuff!
Lucie – Just rock!!

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