Quarantine Questions: Andrew Cushin

Andrew Cushin

Quarantine Questions

Additional words and photos by Gary Lambert

Quarantine QuestionsSometimes it takes a few gigs for you to get a few for an band or artist, but in the case of Andrew Cushin it took seconds of the only time I’ve so far been able to watch him perform to make me think that this was a supreme talent in front of me.  With his acoustic guitar in hand, Andrew silenced a packed Brudenell with the power of his voice.  You just knew that the Geordie lad had something to say and didn’t want to miss the chance to listen to it.

1. How are you doing?

I’m not bad to be honest, this lockdown has seemed to put a dampener on everything but on a positive it’s given me time to reflect on how far I’ve came since starting this venture as well as what I’ve so far achieved. I’m also in talks to get a custom made guitar built so that’s quite exciting.


2. How have your recent releases and gigs gone?

I’ve released a few covers just to keep people listening to my voice, Lady Gyspy by David Brent, better known as Ricky Gervais was one of them. I also did an online live stream gig for ‘Jimmys’ on Instagram which went very well and seemed to get me a bit more following.


Andrew Cushin3. What are you doing to keep yourself occupied during Lockdown?

Mostly making a lot of noise, whether I have the acoustic or the electric it always seems to be plugged in to an amp or three … I’m taking great satisfaction in winding every fucker up in the house. I’m enjoying myself.


4. Who have you been listening to lately?

So before lockdown I was listening to the usual Don McLean, Donovan, Jake Bugg, Robert Johnson and, obviously, Noel Gallagher, Weller etc..  Since going on lockdown however I’ve rediscovered how good The Kooks are, and I’m also enjoying listening to The Cribs and The Strokes.


5. What has been your favourite gig that you’ve played?

My most enjoyable gig has to have been my first headline gig at the Cluny back in March! That was a special night, the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and Sam Fender had headlined on that very same stage. So aye that was definitely a one to remember!


Andrew Cushin 26. If you were only able to listen to one album during Lockdown what would it be?

The White album 100% I sat with a set of headphone in while wor lass was at work the other day and just blasted it from start to finish, that piece of art will never date in my eyes.  Up the revolution haha!


7.  How would you define your sound?

My sound? Hmm I think that’s for the punters to decide. I’d like to think of myself as a bit of everything .. some songs are a bit down and dark whilst others are quite euphoric and joyful. Without bigging myself up I can write a bit of everything.


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Listen to It’s Gonna Get Better by Andrew Cushin here

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