Album Review: The Blinders – Fantasies of a Stay At Home Psychopath

unnamedThe Blinders

Fantasies of a Stay At Home Psychopath

Words by Gary Lambert

“They’re the best band in the fucking world!” has been shouted by me at friends and random strangers pretty much every time I’ve watched The Blinders.  Columbia, their debut album, has become so concrete in my favourite albums of all time that I can’t believe that it is only two years old.  I love The Blinders and their left-wing northern tangos of rock music.  On the basis of this, I’ve been excited waiting for the release of Fantasies of a Stay At Home Psychopath like no album since Be Here Now.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Fantasies of a Stay At Home Psychopath is an ambitious, confident, bold record which follows on naturally from Columbia.  Sometimes the edges are smoothed, but more often they are sharpened and are undoubtedly more dangerous to the status quo than ever.

Take opening line of the opening track, Something Wicked This Way Comes, I am a gentleman of considerable charm and violence.  Instantly The Blinders through the character of Johnny Dream create a maelstrom of beguiling confusion and colourful darkness.  It is as though you are being confronted by Mephistopheles himself.  The sporadic noise of what sounds like a hammer crashing against an anvil only adds to the underworld tones.

Due to the pandemic, Fantasies of a Stay at Home Psychopath has been delayed which has resulted in an extraordinary five singles from the album already being released.  But despite the fact that only 50% of the album is a fresh sound, Fantasies of a Stay at Home Psychopath sounds brand new, each track taking on new life alongside its brothers in arms.  Even The Circle Song which I was very disappointed with on release finds a new place in heart within the album acting more as a palette cleanser for the ears and mind rather than an Ocean Colour Scene b-side.  Especially sandwiched between the sheer intensity provided by Lunatic (With A Loaded Gun)’s bleak stating of the obvious with regard to political leadership, and the bluesy, Bad Seeds like strutting dominance of I Want Gold.

One of those singles, Black Glass, is the highpoint of this sophomore album from this beloved three-piece.  It is, for me, The Blinders encapsulated in one long, undulating, grandiose piece of rock n roll music.  At over six minutes long it could have been overwrought and tedious, instead it is an organic, raging river of a track.  Dynamic, hazardous and the sound of a band reaching a height greater than they have reached so far – and would have been a fitting way to end this wonderful album.

But The Blinders have one more step for you to take with them, a moment of meditation to allow you to contemplate what direction the future may hold.  With In This Decade, The Blinders bring the crown of Bob Dylan to the lands of Columbia with a gentle acoustic number that is dark, optimistic, retrospective and yet forward looking.

Fantasies of a Stay At Home Psychopath is so far the best album by the best band in the fucking world.

Buy a copy of Fantasies of a Stay At Home Psychopath here.


4 March 2021 Electric Ballroom, London
5 March 2021 o2 Academy 2, Leicester
6 March 2021 The Joiners, Southampton
7 March 2021 The Globe, Cardiff
8 March 2021 Sub 89, Reading
10 March 2021 The Welly, Hull
11 March 2021 Caves, Edinburgh
12 March 2021 The Ferret, Preston
13 March 2021 Albert Hall, Manchester

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