Album Review: Willie J Healey – Twin Heavy

Willie J Healey - Twin HeavyWille J Healey

Twin Heavy

Words and Live Photography by Amy Butcher

The last few weeks, like a lot of 2020, have been fantastic for new music and Willie J Healey’s sophomore album Twin Heavy is no exception! I’ve been a fan of the Oxford musician for a year or so now; there’s something about the vocals and melody in every one of his songs that musters up a serendipitous feeling when you listen. Whenever someone asks for music recommendations, I always put them on to Willie J Healey, and it’s safe to say there hasn’t been anyone that doesn’t like his music.

Twin Heavy is the perfect follow up to his debut album People and Their Dogs – it is slick, infectious, melodious and full of raw fiery energy rarely found nowadays.

Starting with a piano glissando, you’re instantly thrown into the upbeat, catchy melodies from the start in Fashun, setting the precedent for a 70s inspired guitar driven record. The opening line open up your eyes feels ironic; as a listener, you instinctively want to close your eyes to properly take in every tone and note.

From there, you’re taken through a couple of the singles released ahead of the album True Stereo and Songs For Joanna, they’re both addictive in their own way. Whether it’s the bluesy guitar solos or the sublime harmonies with Healey’s vocals on form throughout, there is always a special treat within these tracks.

06AD87D8-2B39-4B4D-BD6C-575A4FC9D76DIt is clear there is a distinctive theme throughout the record, where Healey is dabbling in romanticism and feelings associated with being in love, especially in For You and Sweeter Than Most. Something I love about his music is how it puts you in the mindset and feelings of the song – if it’s a love song, you smile whilst listening and feel euphoric, and if it’s a more emotional, sad song, you’re made to go right into your feelings.

Every song is special in its own right but Condo has to be my absolute favourite, it is four and a half minutes of pure musical magic. Using soft synth rhythms with Healey’s vocals layered so effortlessly on top and the most adoring lyrics, it’s one of the most beautiful songs on the album. Hell, it is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. I can just imagine myself listening to it full blast through my headphones whilst laying down outside with the raining pouring down.

If you’ve not had a chance to listen to it yet, I implore you to embrace Twin Heavy with open arms – it has more twists, turns, quirks and surprises than a Hollywood thriller.  And basically it’s a fucking good album!


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