Interview: Marcus Foster

Marcus Foster

So it was a very wet and rainy weekend and we spend some of it watching Marcus Foster play (admittedly this is fast becoming a favourite past time of mine, it’s such a unique experience).  Firstly we watched him play a VERY very hot sweaty venue in Shepherds Bush ( apparently this place is a private members club… not sure who in their right mind would pay to go there but anyway…) this was for Bushstock; a festival created by Communion records. We followed this up the next day with a trip to the opposite end of town to The Apple Cart Festival.

It was at the later where I decided that watching Marcus play was no longer enough and that it was about time that Popped grabbed him for a bit of a chit chat. So after his short but sweet set (some of which we filmed but the sound is too bad to share!) I did just that, grabbed him for a chat, in the pouring rain, what a gent.

PM: So Marcus, we’ve seen you play over here and over in the US, do you notice a difference between reactions from the crowds? In general or to particular songs?

MF: Yeah I mean it’s different. Yeah generally like people get into it easier in America, go wilder. Then last night..

PM: You saw something change?

MF: Yeah people were getting down with it.

We know this, we were there, and Marcus then shows me his poorly finger, that he literally shredded on his guitar strings that night. It’s now covered in a blue plaster, and his guitar? Well that’s covered in blood.  A sign of a great gig!

PM: So what are your plans next? releases? tours? You released an EP during your tour in the US, what’s happening over here?

MF: Yeah, well basically that was a limited edition thing for the American tour, a one off release. But yeah, I’m releasing an EP over here in a month or so. It will have two new more songs so it will have 6 or 7 songs on it. I think it’s going to be called The Last House.

PM: Is that going to one of the tracks, just the name or is there a theme?

MF: Well The Last House we just recorded as an instrumental, it’s got strings and stuff and it was on the limited edition thing. But yeah, it just kind of feels like a collection of songs. I recorded it in my piano player’s bar.  But yeah we’re gonna get the new EP do some promotion and stuff, hopefully get some radio and get out there and maybe do a little tour.

PM: With the plans for the EP coming on I guess you don’t have any plans for a second album? Or do you?

MF: I’m writing the second album at the moment. It’s going alright. I’ve got like five new tunes and I’m gonna go back to America for a little bit. I’m gonna go to Nashville go to LA and New York, just writing and travelling and hopefully later in the year record the second album.

Ohh this is all sounding pretty good to us!

PM:Where about might you plan on recording it?

MF: In Wales. Monmouth. Yeah, well we’ll see we’ll see. We’ll try and find a label. (Things didn’t work out too well last time so Marcus is keen on taking the indie route this time around).

So what else is happening for Marcus this Summer?

MF: We’ve got some gigs in Sweden and the Netherlands and we’re playing with Paul Simon which I’m pretty excited about. I’m excited about playing Hop Farm. I saw Prince there last year and it was just the best.

So having found out all this brilliant news from Marcus we also have a little recommendation of a video to watch. It would be rude for us not to post it, so take a look at this! It’s old so not great quality but it sounds immense.

Watch Buddy Guy/Jimi Hendrix in 1968 here:

Listen  to Nameless Path (sampler) here:
Marcus Foster Live Dates:


14th – The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Paradiso
15th –  The Netherlands, Ottersum, Roepaen (double bill with Diana Jones)
16th – The Netherlands, Eindhoven, Muziekgebouw – Naked Song Festival
20th – Bushmills Distillery, Belfast
21st – Bishmills Live, Belfast
29th – Hop Farm Festival, Kent


1st – Hop Farm Festival, Paddock Wood, Kent
15th – Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London
19th July, London, The Bedford – Folkfest


3rd – Pustervik, Gotenburg,  Sweden
4th – Debaser Slussen, Stockholm, Sweden


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