Introducing: Lying B*st*rds – Head To Tokyo

Lying B*st*rds

lying bastardsThey are probably one of Liverpool’s newest and most exciting bands and Lying B*st*ards deliver all of the required ingredients for bringing some magical lofi to the party.  They also mange to just take it just off kilter, adding some seriously funky bass. There’s not much to be found on these guys if you’re trying to find them online. I’ve sussed who is in the band by cornering the singer and demanding to know, after seeing him sneak in a few songs at an open mic night recently, but the band have pretty much zero web presence aside from a few demos up on Soundcloud.

Lying B*st*ards most recent offering is the cautiously cool Head To Tokyo. A track stuffed with lyrical clichés “you only get out what you put in”, “sink or swim”,”I’ve been blind but now I see”, all stitched together with a clever hook and the vocals reverbed to hell, giving it that proper lofi feel. Then there’s the layers of keys, guitars, and bass all topped off  with tinny sounding drums – nothing too heavy else it would spoil it. The overall effect is somewhat like listening to a band play inside an empty baked bean tin. Things  are set to take a step up again once they go live, bringing in a few sneaky brass players to boot.

Tonight (20th May 2015) sees Lying B*st*rds play their debut show supporting Son Of Dave At The Kazimier. Head To Tokyo is a demo taken from the band’s forthcoming EP irst E.P Habitual Sabotage.

Listen to Head To Tokyo here:

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