Playlist Winner Q&A: Saltwater Sun

Saltwater Sun

Playlist 001 Winner


saltwater sun 2016Popped recently started a monthly playlist where by you, the music fan, gets to pick your fave of a 10 track playlist we compile. The first ever winner of this was the delectable Saltwater Sun. They won with their track Now Or Never and now as a treat, all round, we’re pleased to bring you this exclusive Q&A with the band!

For those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves:

Hello, we’re five humans in a band called Saltwater Sun, from just outside Reading. We have Jen on lead vocals, Dan on lead guitar (occasionally Joel does a little bit of lead also) Joel on rhythm guitar, Rob on bass and Benny on drums.

How did you all meet and what is it you saw in each other to decide to start a band?

We’ve known each other through school and the local music scene for more years than any of us would care to admit. Jen and Joel had clarinet lessons together when they were 7, so expect some pretty sweet clarinet solos in upcoming tracks. Rob and Dan have also played in bands together growing up. Benny used to play in local hardcore band. We essentially don’t know anyone else. It’s a small place – we’re pretty much stuck with each other.

What do you see as being your biggest challenges ahead as a band?

We all have full time jobs alongside the band, which does make it difficult sometimes, with requesting time off for shows and such. We just take each day as it comes and try our best to be organised with our allotted band time. Saltwater sun is a priority for each of us, so we do whatever we can to make it work.

What have been your highlights as a band so far?

This years Great Escape festival in Brighton was something special for us. We played the Hand in Hive showcase with some of our friends who are in really great bands, Brighton was totally buzzing, the venue was packed to the rafters and we totally fed off the energy of the crowd, which made for our best performance to date.
Field Day was also a massive highlight, sharing the bill with the likes of PJ Harvey is not something you imagine you’ll be lucky enough to do. It’s also a festival some of us attend every year, so it was a real privilege to be included on that lineup and see it all from the other side of the barrier.

Are there any new bands you love who you think everyone else should be checking out now too? – Please let us know who!

D.D Dumbo. We’ve been fans for a couple of years, so maybe he’s not that new, but he’s beginning to break through into the mainstream now. He crafts unique songs with such idiosyncratic lyrics and is truly exceptional live, with his loop pedal/one-man band set up. We’re very excited for his debut LP to drop. We also really enjoying Weaves debut album. It’s rough around the edges in the best possible way and they’re great fun live as well. Everyone should also check out Reading band Haize, who we are lucky enough to have supporting us in London, along with Honey Moon. There is a lot of good stuff out there at the moment.

What do you do to ease the boredom of long journeys for gigs?

We haven’t really played much outside of Reading and London yet, we’re looking forward to going further afield. Most of our journeys/time spent together as a band involves listening to a lot of really bad pop punk so when we do venture further afield it’s sure to be more of the same.

What are your pre-show rituals?

Again, pop punk, spilling things and beer.

Where can we find you next for gigs?

Our next show is at the Waiting Room in London on October the 12th, with support from the aforementioned Haize and Honey Moon. We haven’t played in London for a while and we’ve got new songs to play for everyone, so it’s going to be special.

Please give us three songs to add to our heartbreak playlist:

Bowery – Local Natives
Your Best American Girl – Mitski
Perth – Bon Iver

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Listen to Now or Never here:


Listen to the 001 Playlist here (voting is now over!)


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