Playlist Winner Q&A: Pure Youth

Pure Youth

Playlist 002 Winner
pure youthFor those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves: 
Hey! We’re Dave, Elliott and Duncan and we make Pure Youth. We’re a west London based band and have been together since late 2014. We make sweet honey tunes for your ears baby.
How did you all meet and what is it you saw in each other to decide to start a band?
The project was Dave’s brainchild when he started writing and recording with our best mate and all round musical genius Oliver (who played bass with us). They used to play in another band together, but as this project built Ollie drafted in me (Duncan) to drum as we have played in different bands together from high school, and Elliott on the guitar as they were friends from uni. It was really nice going in to the studio with a mix of old and new friends- it was comfortable and we weren’t afraid to speak our minds but I guess we all wanted to be on top form and show each other our skills (and we still do!)
What do you see as being your biggest challenges ahead as a band? 
I think the biggest challenge facing any band these days is to constantly make material good enough to stand out from crowd; fresh music that the fans deserve. The market is very saturated these days and that makes for a really inspiring scene, but also adds this pseudo- healthy competition which drives you to make better music than you’ve done before. Besides all the obvious challenges of making money, the travel, rehearsals and all that, I think that’s really the root of it.
What have been your highlights as a band so far?
I think I speak for all of us when I say we let ourselves go live, so the tour we did last winter has been the highlight. My car died on the way home and had to be towed at 3am from Portsmouth on a Sunday night in the sleet but it was totally worth it- one of the best weeks of my life. We met some great bands on the way we continue to follow and allowed us to mature as a group. Also we drank loads of booze and had a wicked great time. Sorry mum xxx
Are there any new bands you love who you think everyone else should be checking out now too? – Please let us know who! 
As I said earlier the scene is at large right now and guitar music is really making a comeback. On our playlists at the moment are LANY (Yea Babe, no way is a tune), Spring King and Sundara Karma (their song Loveblood was on R1 playlist a couple of weeks ago) are making waves.
What do you do to ease the boredom of long journeys for gigs?
Good question! Normally whoever’s in the passenger seat has to display their super slick DJ skillz, as well as snacks for the driver, which is normally me, and I require many snacks. We really enjoy each other’s company and sometimes it can be hard to find downtime with each other so the journeys are a good time for us to touch base and talk.
What are your pre-show rituals?
Well our rider has 6 bottles of diamond-encrusted möet and hand delivered sushi from nobu, but venues tend to be on the stingy side with this (can’t understand why) so we always try and go out for a nice meal together before the show. In Leicester we went for the best curry of our lives, but I thought I was going to sh*t myself on my drum stool all gig (thank the Lord I didn’t), but when you’re sitting right behind Dave, his biryani farts are enough to put off even the most seasoned drummer. We haven’t had a curry since, but a cheeky nandos with the lads and a drink does the trick.
Where can we find you next for gigs? 
At the moment we’re scuttling away in to my studio to write some new material and vamp up our live set, so haven’t got any dates in the calendar just yet. We have some really exciting stuff in the pipe works so all will be revealed on our website ( soon..!
Please give us three songs to add to our heartbreak playlist
Damn, I could give you 100…
Yea babe, no way- LANY (as mentioned before)
Beth/ Rest – Bon Iver
Blush- Wolf Alice
Honourable mention to Believe by Cher. Laugh all you want but next time you’re 6 vodka soda limes down at the pardy and need to sing your heart out you’ll be thanking me.

Question from Saltwater Sun (last winners!): How heartbroken are you on a scale of 1 – 10 about The Maccabees splitting up? We’re a solid 10. Who can you recommend to fill the void?

As a band we’re quite split with this, ranging from Dave being heartbroken to Elliott not being overly fussed – we all have quite different musical tastes! Dave’s with you though; being a solid 10 on the scale, he found himself connecting with the bands music through some difficult times and we often find him jamming along to their tunes in the car! I think we all agree as a band that Spring King are pretty good candidates to fill the void, but if y
ou’re looking for something a bit more indie-pop; Blossoms may be your kinda thing.

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