Interview Exclusive: Honeyblood


Words: Gary Lambert

Photos: Gaz Jones

honeyblood 1 gaz jonesWhen Honeyblood met up with Popped Music, Liverpool was suffering a night of horrendous hailstones which came down so thickly – and painfully – that it looked like the streets were covered in snow rather than small balls of evil. This meant that we, “The G’s” (as our boss calls us), were unable to take the band out on an adventure to a previously unused pub and instead had to retreat into the more familiar surroundings of the dressing room at Liverpool’s O2 Academy. It was a bit of a squeeze in there for Honeyblood, their tour manager, their rider and their bags, so adding two more people with photography equipment and a big coat meant that it became very cosy. Fortunately Cat and Stina, aka Honeyblood are super friendly, a good laugh and were able to explain why so many nineties’ pop songs were drifting in to the room.


“It’s PINS next door. Seriously those girls never stop singing”. This then took the five of us on a magical mystery tour of songs and references from The Lighthouse Family to Girls Aloud discussing vocal quality, production values and indeed who would be the hardest of all girl bands. Alas I had not even started the voice recorder at that point, so I can’t confirm who we decided would be the toughest, but I stand by my opinions and we will leave it at that…


Honeyblood had just returned from a tour of America during one of the most exciting/turbulent/terrifying times in modern history with the recent election. Whilst I hate encouraging people to talk about politics, if they want to then they will find a way to do so, there was no way I was going to miss out on finding out what it was like being out there. “Well the result was no surprise at all to us. As we travelled from city to city you could see that everywhere apart from the cities seemed to support Trump. So when we got home and saw the news, we were just ‘oh well’. The reporting there was quite different compared to over here too. Whilst we see quite a negative view on one candidate, the news which was constant, put pretty much an equal light on both of them. We didn’t get on stage and start telling people are views though. It’s okay doing that over here when the people you talk with are in the same boat and don’t have any rights on the issue; you can’t tell someone how to vote when they have a vote in the election and you don’t”


honeyblood 2 gaz jonesIt was really interesting to get a sensible perspective on the situation when the last two-three months have been the source of ever-increasing hyperbole on what each candidate would bring to the global picture. With that out of the way, we spoke about the tour itself. “It was really good to be out there, and we released the album early in America so that it would come out when we were there. It was a tour of really small club venues in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, Oregon, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.”


“The whole tour was more like the September tour we did in the UK which was of smaller venues than our current tour, but when after the first two gigs the album was released. Whilst we are so far away from our American fans, it was great to get this close to them and see how they reacted to the new music.”


Remembering the last holiday I went on was a week away with one of my mates to Ibiza (never in the field of package holidays have two more unsuitable people gone to The White Isle), I wondered how intense the relationship must be between Stina and Cat when they’re stuck in the confines of a small tour bus. Both of them seem a lot better company to be trapped with than me though as they quickly laughed off my question. “It’s basically like seeing your friend in work every day, you don’t get bored of it, you have a laugh together. But it doesn’t matter who you are on tour with, you always have to make sure that you get your own time. Go for a jog, a swim or a walk. Put your headphones in. Don’t just leave it to the seven or eight hours sleep to be the only time you get for yourself.


honeyblood 3 gaz jones“Touring America though is tough because you have ten hour drives between cities, and don’t get time to stop to eat properly so you are throwing down junk food often too. It is quite different to when you are going around the UK”. Which brought us to the tour that we were on date three of. “We always have a brilliant time in the north of England, so we have been treated at the start of this tour. We’ve played Newcastle, Leeds and now Liverpool. This is the biggest tour we’ve ever done in terms of the size of venue for our headline dates.


“But it’s not the biggest gig we’ve ever played. That was last summer at Murrayfield supporting Foo Fighters”. Obviously it’s not every day you get to chat to a band who have performed under such circumstances so we had to ask more. Cat was so excited by it and whilst Stina was similarly pleased with the mega gig, she had a brilliant dryness to calm her buddy, “I might have got married last summer, but I warned my husband beforehand that that day was the best day of my life and nothing is going to beat it. We got to play in front of 64,000 fans (Capacity was 67,000), okay but there was a lot of people there for when we played (Only about 30,000 people). I got to sit on Taylor Hawkins’ drum riser with his drum tech for the entire set, and Taylor also gave me a cymbal to use as mine was cracked”.


With Cat in the midst of a Foo Fighters reverie, Stina took charge to discuss a few of the artists who influence her too. “I do love Foo Fighters, I started listening to them when I was about twelve and begging my parents to take me to see them. But in terms of inspiring what we do there is a strong influence from PJ Harvey and lots of the Riot Grrl bands that I spent time listening to as I grew up”. Watching the performance later on you could see the mix of art and passion from those influences.


Honeyblood’s current album is called Babes Never Die, and that mantra is something that being in their company makes you believe in.

Catch Honeyblood Live NOW:

25th: Southampton, Joiners – get tickets
26th: Oxford, Bullingdon – get tickets
28th: Cambridge, Junction 2 – get tickets
29th: Norwich, Arts Centre – get tickets

1st: London, Scala – get tickets
2nd: Manchester, Deaf Institute – get tickets
8th: Glasgow, St Lukes – get tickets

honeyblood 4 gaz jones

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