Live Review: Peace – Sheffield


NME Topman Show, Sheffield,  March 2017

Words: Eliza Laben

The long-awaited comeback of Peace is finally here and everyone is bursting with joy. The indie-rock quartet went on a brief hiatus, having not released an album since 2015’s Happy People. There were then rumours last year that one was on the way, with a potential album cover being leaked online, yet nothing more was released. Out of the blue, it was announced by NME that Peace would be headlining the student-only tour along with support from Will Joseph Cook, Fickle Friends and more.

The tour visited student unions across the country to provide us with affordable entertainment at only six pounds entry. Unfortunately, this was an 18+ gig leaving many peace fans disappointed on missing out. However, not much could dampen the atmosphere.

Between slots was an Abbie McCarthy DJ set, making the transition between bands that bit more exciting. Indie/Alternative classics from the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen to MGMT were played back to back allowing no time to rest.

First up on the Sheffield line-up was Will Joseph Cook, an artist who is bursting through the seams of indie-pop music. His sound, similar to that of Declan McKenna, is a quirky and summery pop sound. His set was definitely a warm up act as the crowd were not quite ready to start dancing, but many watched in awe as he delivered a fun and vibrant set. Next on the list was Fickle Friends and still the crowd were loitering at the bar, many had not arrived at the venue, the crowd picked up a bit, mainly due to the fact their music is a much more up-beat, yet still that familiar synth-pop sound.

As it came closer for the stars of the show to grace the stage the room began to fill up, people squeezing into any gap they could find. Everyone was already getting rowdy and the band weren’t even on stage yet. When the lights finally went down, the crowd began cheering as Harry Kossier walked out onto the stage. They began their set with Higher Than The Sun, and as the guitar riff started up, so did the pit, and at full force. Lost On Me got the crowd particularly worked up, so much that Harry K couldn’t be heard over the fans screaming ‘get lost on me’ at the top of their lungs. They then went on to play fan favourites such as Perfect Skin, 1998 (Delicious) and Bloodshake whilst the fans opened up numerous pits, clambered on shoulders, and hurled themselves over the crowd.

For Sheffield, Peace made a small tweak to their setlist, slipping Float Forever in there, calming the pit down, but that didn’t last for long. This was followed by Wraith, another track which is very popular amongst fans and the penultimate track in there 14 track setlist.

Closing the show they played their 2014 single World Pleasure much to the delight of the rowdy, sweaty crowd. Everyone put all the energy they had left into the finally six and a half minutes of the set.

It was fairly brutal, but nothing could take away from the epic show that Peace had put on. It was definitely a comeback to remember.

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