Just Listen: Fickle Friends – Glue

Fickle Friends Words: Elena Katrina One of the things that I love about Fickle Friends isn’t just their uplifting musical vibes, which are an instant party in bag, but the lyrics and the way they manage to just capture a story, which so many “pop” songs just don’t really do. And let’s be frank here, … Continue reading

Live Review: Peace – Sheffield

Peace NME Topman Show, Sheffield,  March 2017 Words: Eliza Laben The long-awaited comeback of Peace is finally here and everyone is bursting with joy. The indie-rock quartet went on a brief hiatus, having not released an album since 2015’s Happy People. There were then rumours last year that one was on the way, with a … Continue reading

Just Listen: Fickle Friends – Hello Hello

Fickle Friends Words: Elena Katrina I always wonder how it is that some bands manage to bash out catchy track after catchy track and don’t even seem to break a sweat when doing it. Popped Music faves Fickle Friends are one of those very bands. They always seem to have 80s synth pop in abundance … Continue reading

Live Review: Fickle Friends – Liverpool

Fickle Friends Arts Club, 20th November 2016 Words & Photos: Elena Katrina It was a typically cold and wet November evening and I was wrapped up as snug as a bug on my sofa. Very few things can get me to move out into the cold wind and rain but knowing I’m going to see a … Continue reading

Just Listen: Fickle Friends – Cry Baby

Fickle Friends Words: Georgia May Blackman As we patiently wait for Fickle Friends to release their debut album, they taunt us with their new, funky and infectious track Cry Baby. The pop tune is playful, with a slapping drum beat with a distinction between a modern vibe and an 80’s vibe to it. It’s simple … Continue reading

Festival Review: Barn On The Farm

Barn On The Farm 1-2 July 2016 Words: Elena Katrina I started this blog the same year that Barn On The Farm first started. Yes, that long ago. I believe they started it for their mates and I started this just for something to do and to keep my love of new music alive. So … Continue reading

Live Review: Fickle Friends – Liverpool

Fickle Friends 16th February 2016, Studio 2, Liverpool Words & Photos: Elena Katrina Since the dreaded departure of The Kazimier, Parr Street’s Studio 2 has become a beacon of hope for new music, for touring bands and local bands looking to jump in on something great. This was the case for the Fickle Friends show, … Continue reading

Just Watch: Fickle Friends – Say No More

Fickle Friends Watch the video for Say No More here: This isn’t the first time we’ve shared this track, no siree it’s not. You can find it at the end of our Fickle Friend’s interview! But the release of this video does give us the opportunity to write about one of our favourite bands again … Continue reading

Interview: Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones At the recent Bingley Music Live we at Popped Music were able to catch up with the brilliant Fickle Friends. In the time before their afternoon slot on the Discovery Stage we sat down and chatted about the summer and career so far. It was an enlightening … Continue reading

Festival Review: Bingley Music Live

Bingley Music Live Words and Photos: Gary Lambert There is a stretch of England through the Pennines where Lancashire and Yorkshire are almost indecipherable from each other; where ITV can fit more Sunday night drama into a 60 minutes than happens in a year in reality; and where places can be further north, but nowhere … Continue reading

Festival Review: X&Y Festival 2015

X&Y Arts Club, Liverpool, 11th July 2015 Words: Elena Katrina Photos: Gaz Jones I managed to miss last year’s gargantuan one day indie-pop bliss that is X&Y festival, so with a line up that featured so many of our fave new bands of the last 18 months we just had to get along to this … Continue reading

Just Listen: Fickle Friends – Paris

Fickle Friends Listen to Paris here: With sultry vocals that have just a hint of sweetness comes Fickle Friends and their new super laid back track Paris. A band that have been really impressing us of late we’re really excited to see where they go to next. My only complaint about this is that it’s … Continue reading

Just Listen: Fickle Friends – Could Be Wrong

Fickle Friends Listen to Could Be Wrong here: Watch the video for Could Be Wrong here: Fickle Friends release their new track Could Be Wrong ahead of their debut EP, Velvet, out on May 25th. Could Be Wrong is an upbeat flurry of a track with luscious vocals and stuffed full summery poppy electronica. Find … Continue reading

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