Our Girl Interview

Our Girl

Words: Elena Katrina & Gary Lambert 

Photos: Gary Lambert

The last time Popped Music were with Our Girl it was in the warm (but breezy) Texan sunshine of SXSW. Things had changed though over the last six months as we caught up again outside a bar in Liverpool on a chilly Sunday evening. It says a lot about the vibrance of Liverpool city centre on a Sunday, that the quietest place we could find, was outside a bar with the world’s worst pub singer, ruining a variety of indie staples in a key even randy cats would find a bit high pitched.

When we were in Texas, everything felt a bit hush-hush regarding the forthcoming plans of Our Girl at least from the perspective of Popped Music. Now we have the album in our collections so things have changed a lot for Our Girl.

“The album has surpassed our expectations. When you are working on the music of an album for a long time, you end up in quite a safe place, then when it comes out, you don’t know what is going to happen. But it has been amazing with such a nice response from people, from fans online, and from radio”

“You notice it on tour as people are singing along to songs that we’ve never put out before, and people just coming out and being there with us. People singing along to album tracks is great because it means that they have been listening to the whole thing. It is still kind of a surprise even though we know that people have bought the record”.

The freshness of Our Girl provides a feeling of not quite innocence, but it does feel incongruous with the band having an album out already. They are a band who are still learning about themselves and their audience. It was remarked upon about how they have noticed that different songs are fan favourites in different areas. Unfortunately they did not provide a colour-coded Excel spreadsheet of these favourites for analysis, but if any band ever wishes to do such geeky studying please do send it in to Popped Music. It will keep a few of the team in spreadsheet heaven for days.

“Being out on this tour has made me want to make more music. Watching the fans on the more energetic songs moving together it is a really nice feeling. It’s like the way the bass line and the drums have been in my head has come into reality. It’s quite driving seeing the reactions and people immediately respond. You don’t want it to change how you write too much, but there is an education to your work. You see how you can put across your ideas and energy to the fans”

That isn’t to say that this tour is all about the energy and getting the crowd going. Our Girl have taken this chance to expand their setlist in order to cover a wider range of tracks. “We are able to use this tour to play some of the lower key songs, whereas when you are on a support tour the focus is on the louder ones. We are able to alter the dynamic of the gig”. To be honest, I had never given consideration to this concept before, but it seems so perfectly obvious that during a tour as a support band you would play your most attention grabbing numbers. And if you play your loudest tracks, it really ruins the conversations of those who think that support bands are there to soundtrack their chatter.

Whilst Our Girl have been in other bands and on other tours, there are elements of the jaunt which have taught them something new. “It has been a bit of a shock this tour. The first show we did in Birmingham was sold out, so that was a surprise as we had never had a headline gig outside of London or Brighton before. It is exciting too going into these gigs and there is nobody in the venue you know. When we play in London or Brighton, there are a few friends or people we know who turn up, or when you are supporting they might not have turned up to see you, but now these people are here for you. It’s quite luxurious being the headline band too as you have additional time and space to set up. You feel that you can take a bit more time to make sure that you are 100% happy with your soundcheck. You feel a bit more confident compared to when you are the support act where it feels like you want to make sure the headliner has the maximum amount of time to get ready”.

Despite the success that Our Girl have achieved so far there is no hint of them resting on their laurels. The next month or so sees a European tour taking in Sweden, Norway, Germany and France, and then after that it is “more tours and more writing”. They have just been announced by Liverpool Sound City as one of the first bands to be playing Sound City 2019 so it is going to be at least another six months on the go for the three-piece.

It will be enjoyable being on that forthcoming tour of Europe I’m certain given how friendly the band seem to be “We haven’t started having setlist arguments yet, we are quite a happy band. Nobody has been given a paper cut with a setlist or a punch. It’s good”.

Our Girl, “it’s good” is right.

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  1. bingingonabudget says:

    I love this post, what’s your favorite track by them?


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