Interview: Bloxx


Words: Daniel Burton
Photography: Gary Lambert

The last time I saw Bloxx they were in the middle of putting on a sensational performance in a barn in the middle of the countryside. It wasn’t an off-the-cuff thing, but a cracker of a set at 110 Above Festival.

Even in the short time since then they have progressed so much in their career. We at Popped Music were able to meet up with the four piece at the mid-point of a 20 date UK headline tour. We invited the four piece, Fee (singer), Taz (guitar), Paul (bass) and Moz (drums) of Bloxx, to meet us in the comfort of the delightful Kazimier Gardens, and on a not so warm night in Liverpool, to take some time out of their pre-gig schedule to sit down with us.

After playing at Night People in Manchester the day before, singer Fee reflected on the night and the tour so far.

We’ve had a really good few days actually. Manchester was just insane, definitely the best night so far”

Raring to go for their headline tour, they obviously couldn’t wait to play new music and wanted to tempt the fans with what was to come so decided to release their latest single ‘Lay Down’ two days before the start of the tour. Gaining lots of media attention, online and on the radio (both at home and overseas), it is fair to say it was somewhat of a success.

“I think it was received quite well. It has just been played on Triple J in Australia which is really cool. And when we play it live, everyone screams.”

I must say, I think they were just being modest.

‘Lay Down’ is a much more relaxed and laid-back song than the likes of ‘Curtains’, and when this opinion was presented to the London 4-piece, there was a nod of mutual agreement from the whole band and they expressed that they thought this is representative of where they are at the moment.

“We’re fine tuning our sound and learning what we are best doing. We are just trying to write songs that a lot of people will love and will want to listen to.”

This strategy has certainly worked so far whilst allowing Bloxx to not pigeonhole their work, so I think the saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is definitely relevant in this case.

If you delve into the full repertoire of Bloxx’s music, it would come apparent to you that all of their songs seem to hold a different sound, yet they all have distinct features which make them instantly recognisable as a Bloxx tune.

Discussing this, the group said: “It’s good to explore. We’re still young and we don’t know what we’re capable of. It’s just a matter of finding where we shine more, but at the same time, we still have that Bloxx sound. We still sound like, well, us. I hope!” which was met with confident laughter from the rest of the band..

When listening to the lyrics of their songs, it is clear that they are very personal and have a deeper meaning to the band, rather than just words they sing. Also, it almost seems as if they are giving the listeners a personal insight into their lives.

Responding to this, Fee explained: “I suppose so. I guess I write from a kind of deep perspective. Sometimes the songs aren’t reflective of how I feel, but more telling someone else’s perspective and their story. But I do think quite a few songs like ‘Your Boyfriend’, is definitely personal because I was angry when I wrote that song. And I think I was angry when I wrote ‘Curtains’ as well! I definitely wrote the lyrics to ‘Second Opinion’ when I was really angry.”

I think it’s safe to say, if you need a song to listen to when you’re a little bit annoyed, you can’t go far wrong with any of these.

So what is in store in 2019 for Bloxx?

“We’re hoping a debut album, definitely our first EP, bigger tours, going to more places and just playing more shows. Just big things really! It’ll be a very busy year for sure.”

Having just been in the first wave announcement for Community Festival 2019 at Finsbury Park, the band seemed buzzing at just the thought of it, and with Fee growing up just around the corner, they very much see it as a home town show.

When pushed a little further about whether they meant Europe as going to more places, there was an instant shift in their body language and they all appeared terrified of letting slip, almost seeming desperate to shout out and just couldn’t contain their excitement.

“We are definitely going to Europe, but with what band, we are not sure!” Taz added rather ominously and succinctly, whilst trying to bite his tongue as to not let more slip. I think it is fair to say that whatever plans Bloxx have in place, they are thrilled and I for one cannot wait for these exciting yet mysterious plans to be revealed.

As strokes of luck come, Fickle Friends being able to record one of their biggest tracks, ‘Swim’, with money from Jamie Oliver doesn’t get beaten by many. I was interested to know if Bloxx had experienced any similar strokes of luck in their career. Seeing the funny side of it, Taz was overjoyed at the fact they “got loads of food vouchers from Taco Bell!” After all, who could turn down Tacos?

Turning the conversation to a slightly more serious note, the band couldn’t be more grateful for the support that they as a band had received from Fender.

“Fender have been so nice to us”, including being heavily backed by the company and Fee recently being featured in their Player Series adverts which have been shown across cinemas and all over social media (which may have caused a bit of a raucous when we had a Team Popped trip to see A Star Is Born and one member of us started shouting out “it’s Bloxx, it’s Bloxx” at the screen).

Adding to this Paul and Moz said: “This whole journey has just been a stroke of luck. It’s been so fast, but at the same time we are just keeping our heads down and staying grounded. We wouldn’t change it for the world. Just good tunes and good times. And blowing our own trumpets… only on the stage though!”

Fee had earlier mentioned that: “We used to complain about having to wait around to sound check as the support act, so now we are the ones headlining, we try not to take as long.”

It is the small comments like this that show the compassion and respect that they have for fellow musician and for where they have come from which ensures that they stay level headed and don’t get taken over by the hype the industry can cause.

After spending this time with the band, it is clear that they are a really nice group of people and it is their overall friendly demeanour coupled with the huge talent that they have as musicians that makes me sure that they are destined for success and will keep on progressing with their career.

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