Popped Round-Up November 2019

November 2019


roundupWords by Daniel Burton and Gary Lambert

!Editor’s Pick!

Tall Children ft. Clean Cut Kid – Dragging Me Down

Tall Children (aka Ben Hughes) lives on the belief that we are all just ‘Tall Children’, and he certainly reflects this playful, joyous and carefree feeling in his tracks, they are very easy going but are skilfully written nonetheless.

In Dragging Me Down, whilst there is still Ben’s uniform sound ever-present, from the off, the clearest of influences from the unique Clean Cut Kid sound shine through. The verse remains calm yet focused and poised, like a leopard approaching its prey ready to pounce, then it releases and attacks with an explosion of sound into the huge chorus as all CCK classics do. There is almost a slightly reggae vibe to the undertones and drums of the track, but it then quickly switches to this sound that is just a powerhouse in the chorus.

This collaboration has brought together two artists that have unbelievable song writing ability and amazing production skills to match which culminate in creating something that is really quite special and is sure to please many a music fan. – DB

Listen to Dragging Me Down


Syncr’s Applications Pick

Peace in Protest – Talk

In 2019, Peace In Protest have had 4 releases and have just released their debut EP comprising of 4 songs, with Talk being the title track.

The verse has a catchy intro with a fast-paced popping bass line which keeps your mind focused on the song and stops it wavering away.

After the verse it crashes, and when I say ‘it crashes’ I mean it steamrolls into a heavy rock chorus that is slightly reminiscent of, and show signs of what early Bring Me The Horizon and Nothing But Thieves sounded like, and look where they are now!

From a sound perspective, I believe they have everything there to make something of themselves, but I think with some extra mixing and mastering on the finer details, it could just add that extra edge which could really help them latch onto something even bigger. – DB

Listen to Talk


The Mysterines – Who’s Ur Girl

This is going to be a short and sweet review because frankly, there are few words that can pay true justice to the quality of music they produce as it transports you into a pleasurable yet unrelenting Mysterines’ world.

From the start, that typical ‘unrelenting’ Mysterines style is ever present as it takes you on a rollercoaster of a journey with singer Lia at the helm. A fast-paced drum beat propels the track forward whilst a distorted and pulsating bass line makes the ride as exciting as possible.

With nearly 50,000 streams in just 3 weeks it is fair to say it has already been a success, however their previous release, Take Control, has racked up over half a million streams which is nothing short of what it deserves! But don’t let take away from the potential that Who’s Ur Girl has. With just a few more radio plays it could only be a matter of time before it eclipses its predecessor in terms of streams! – DB

Listen to Who’s Ur Girl


APRE – You Always Get It Wrong

After seeing APRE supporting Bloxx back in the spring, they are now headlining venues which they played second fiddle at not 6 months ago which is just the progression that any band would hope for, and it is most certainly deserved.

As with most APRE tracks, the chorus of this track gives the feeling that an entire symphony is accompanying the band, immersing you into the track further and further as it progresses. However, this starts from the very beginning with a short guitar riff that uncontrollably pricks up your ears and demands you listen to the sound.

Whilst they have had huge success in the very short time as a band already, for me this has all the makings of THE track to provide the biggest breakthrough they need. From the lyrics, to the entire production and the nothing short of catchy as hell chorus.

This completes a run of 4 Eps released over a period of 2 years which is impressive to say the least. But to do this and also achieve the number of streams they have done makes it all the more impressive. This track has over 100,000 streams, but across the whole EP they have racked up a staggering 1million.

I really cannot stress the quality that this band has, and it only a matter of time before they absolutely take the industry by storm. – DB

Listen to You Always Get It Wrong


Casey Lowry – Monster

If you are ever feeling down and need cheering up, Casey Lowry is guaranteed to cheer you up and put a smile on your face, there is simply no doubt about it.

Sonically Monster is about as much of a feel-good track as you can get. It has a high tempo forward pushing beat which is accompanied by some popping guitar riffs and the joyous voice of Casey which can battle the harshest of storms to infest your mind with nothing but positivity. I cannot quite put my finger on how he does it but it is something that all singers must be envious of.

Only looking back at all of his releases have I realised the catalogue of songs that Casey Lowry has, and it is actually very impressive considering the first was only 2 years ago. Not only this, I cannot fault a single release on the quality or effort put in.

From his first few releases, I did wonder whether his style may remain slightly juvenile (you cannot fault him for this as his hit Trampoline was written when he was just 14!), but with every release it has matured and his last few tracks now show no resemblance of this. – DB

Listen to Monster

The Lathums – I Know That Much

Over the last few months, The Lathums have absolutely sky-rocketed. From a relatively unknown entity to supporting the likes of Gerry Cinnamon, Blossoms & Paul Weller, as well as a sold-out tour in February with some of the dates having been upgraded due to phenomenal demand.

They only have an EP and 2 singles out, I Know That Much being the most recent of those, but their sound already feels perfected and unique. Some tracks sound almost Oasisesque whilst others are very chilled and relaxed. Having this variance from such few tracks already shows great ability in being able to change their style with their, so far, limited experience.

In the track, there is a smooth and ever so pure voice that blesses the ears and sings over a very laid back consistent chilled guitar vibe, ideal for a quiet Sunday afternoon.

There are some rather vintage influences which are quite clear from their tracks and the easiest comparison in terms of sound and style would be a mash up of The Police & Eric Claptonvocally and lyrically & a less synthy Blossoms sonically, which is a combination which I think is pretty much perfect.

All that’s left to say about The Lathums is Watch This Space! – DB

Listen to I Know The Much

KAWALA – Who’d You Rather

I’ve only managed to see KAWALA live a handful of times, but they are a band I wish I could see every day of the week. The effortless harmonies between their two voices is deep rooted from their string relationship which started whilst studying in Leeds. As like most KAWALA songs, they instantly stand out on any playlist and really make you listen and focus on it whilst it is playing. The sound is so fresh that upon every listen you have to turn your phone over to see who it is and for a split second you think you have discovered an amazing new band until you kick yourself and realise it is them. Although this could be seen as a negative, I see it as a massive bonus as it allows their sound to be fresh and unique but recognisable all the same, and the more of a house hold name they become the less relevant this will become. – DB

Listen to Who’d You Rather

Mathilda Homer – Baby Blue Eyes

So far, Mathilda Homer’s very melodic style has somewhat managed to evade my ears, but after listening to Baby Blue Eyes I do wonder how! Her tracks are simply bliss in its purest form. She achieves a very chilled atmosphere with Baby Blue Eyes without compromising on her style with a very groovy beat and melody remaining. There is some very clear inspiration in some tracks with some very jazzy parts, and other tracks have solid links to the likes of Grace Carter, Tom Misch & Loyle Carner like Probably Sorry.

With a number of singles and 2 EPs having been self-released already, Baby Blue Eyes is Mathilda Homer’s first Major label track, and what a debut it is for her. Hopefully she will have many more releases like to come. – DB

Listen to Baby Blue Eyes


Eliza Shaddad – Girls

Girls is my first step into the world of Eliza Shaddad, and I absolutely love it.  Reminding me of the first time I heard The XX a decade ago, the haunting mix of vocal and minimal beats which introduce the song to the listener are beautiful.  By the time the track picks up for the chorus (not excessively though), I was thoroughly enraptured by the track.  Simple, gripping and a wonderful expression of the talents of Eliza.  Wonderful. – GL

Listen to Girls


Louis Berry – Too Late

From Louis’ XIV EP, Too Late sees the singer songwriter, like the rest of the EP, move on from the fast tempo rock n roll of his early career to show off his vocals with a greater Americana style.  You can hear the likes of The Lumineers and Kings of Leon having an influence over the Scouse star in both how he growls and croons his way through the three minutes and the gentle-yet-grand guitarplay which underpins everything.  For me, Louis Berry is now on the cusp of a vast expansion in his career with ambitious sounding tracks. – GL

Listen to Too Late

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