Just Listen: Eliza Shaddad – Blossom

Eliza Shaddad Blossom Words: Elena Katrina The latest release from the wonderfully talented Eliza Shaddad is Blossom and my gosh is it somewhat a swoon-worthy track. It makes me envisage a warm day, trees gently swaying in the breeze, blossom falling gently from them as I walk down a street. It’s an entirely romantic scene, … Continue reading

Just Listen: Eliza Shaddad – Same As You

Eliza Shaddad Same As You Words by Amy Butcher Having never listened to Eliza Shaddad before, upon hearing Same as You for the first time, I pondered why I had not listened to the London based dreamy rock artist. Following the release of her EP Sept – Dec, this track combines Shaddad’s soft soothing vocals, … Continue reading

Popped Round-Up November 2019

November 2019 Round-Up Words by Daniel Burton and Gary Lambert !Editor’s Pick! Tall Children ft. Clean Cut Kid – Dragging Me Down Tall Children (aka Ben Hughes) lives on the belief that we are all just ‘Tall Children’, and he certainly reflects this playful, joyous and carefree feeling in his tracks, they are very easy … Continue reading

Just Listen: Eliza Shaddad – My Body

Eliza Shaddad – My Body Words: Rachel Allen Now on the second single release from the album ‘Future’ (which ironically will be released in the future…later in the year), Eliza Shaddad could not have summed up her new song ‘My Body’ better via her twitter account when she describes the song, “For those late at … Continue reading

Just Listen: Eliza Shaddad – White Lines

White Lines Words: Rachel Allen Eliza Shaddad was, shamefully, a name I had not come across before, but once I heard the hauntingly beautiful vocals of this ‘Alternative Folk’ beauty I was hooked. Her new single, White Lines, taken from her upcoming album, Future, drew me in straight away; with its funky driving bass line and its … Continue reading

Interview: Eliza Shaddad

Eliza Shaddad Words: Elena Katrina Photos: Sam Rowlands The last time I saw Eliza Shaddad was in the Summer of 2015, on stage in Liverpool’s Arts Club for I Love Live Event’s X&Y festival where she was simply spell-bounding. Since then there’s been some Twitter chatter between us and several fantastic new releases all leading … Continue reading

EP Review: Eliza Shaddad – Run

Run Released 18th March 2016 Words: Lauren Grigor I feel like there’s a wonderful (albeit slow) shift towards valuing these solo female artists beyond their femininity. Eliza Shaddad reminds me of the incredible Bat For Lashes and one of my favourites Nadine Shah; they all have a good mix of feminine and masculine elements in … Continue reading

Just Listen: Eliza Shaddad – Run

Eliza Shaddad Eliza Shaddad never fails to absolutely stop me in my tracks. In fact her past track Wars and this new track, Run, have found me so arrested that my mind has almost gone blank as I’m held to ransom by atmospheric guitar swirls which deftly wash over me. Run continues to demonstrate Shaddad’s … Continue reading

Just Watch: Eliza Shaddad – Wars

Eliza Shaddad Oh Eliza Eliza Eliza, one of my favourite tracks of 2015 now has a video meaning we get to share the song all over again. Eliza Shaddad’s  magnificent track Wars made an instant and very big impact on me upon first listen last year, you can read how I felt back then here … Continue reading

End of 2015: The Round Up

It’s that time of year – the best bits, the round ups, the who did what and when and how great it was. Popped Music has had an incredible year this year and so it only seems right to take a look back at some of our favourite moments and hope that 2016 is going … Continue reading

Just Listen: Eliza Shaddad – Wars

Eliza Shaddad Listen to Wars here: Straight off the bat Eliza Shaddad had won me over with her new single Wars. There’s a real bitter-sweet beauty to it. Musically, to listen to  it, it crawls up my back and tickles my neck so to make my hair stand on end with those magnificent guitar swirls … Continue reading

Festival Preview: Threshold 2015 – Friday

Threshold V 27th-29th March 2015 Having attended Liverpool’s Threshold Festival in 2014 it was immediately a priority on the Popped Music festival calendar for  2015. This year’s festival is set once again in Liverpool’s creative hub of the Baltic Triangle and will feature and celebrate the best of grass roots and beyond in areas such as … Continue reading

Just Watch: Eliza Shaddad – Alright Again

Eliza Shaddad Watch the video for  Alright Again here: Eliza Shaddad has recently released this simple yet charming video for Alight Again. A single taken from her debut EP Waters.  

Just Listen: Eliza Shaddad – Alright Again

Eliza Shaddad Listen to Alright Again here:  

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