Popped Round-Up November 2019

November 2019 Round-Up Words by Daniel Burton and Gary Lambert !Editor’s Pick! Tall Children ft. Clean Cut Kid – Dragging Me Down Tall Children (aka Ben Hughes) lives on the belief that we are all just ‘Tall Children’, and he certainly reflects this playful, joyous and carefree feeling in his tracks, they are very easy … Continue reading

Just Listen: Louis Berry – Stumbling

Louis Berry Words: Emily Leonard Popped music have always been a fan of Liverpool’s finest, Mr rock ‘n’ roll – Louis Berry, following him since early on in his career and his latest single only delivers more cause as to why we adore him. Stumbling is the first single off of Berry’s’ forthcoming debut album, … Continue reading

Live Review: Louis Berry – Liverpool Music Week

Loius Berry Leaf,  Liverpool Music Week, 31st October 2016 Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Georgia Flynn As we are all well aware October 31st is Halloween and the night that we have to give children gifts in the shape of Fun Size Mars bars to reward them for knocking on the door in the middle of … Continue reading

Just Listen: Louis Berry – Restless

Louis Berry Words: Gary Lambert Restless is more soulful than the traditional rock n roll offerings we would associate with Louis Berry, but adds even more to the excitement surrounding this guy’s work. With a bluesy Americana feel to his vocal, it makes the listener think of Bruce Springsteen and late Johnny Cash mixed with … Continue reading

Just Listen: Louis Berry – 25 Reasons

Louis Berry Listen to 25 Reasons here: Following on from his debut offering, .45, and winning the coveted one to watch for 2015 award at this year’s GIT Awards in his hometown Liverpool, Louis Berry shares his latest track, 25 Reasons. As before, his track is a bounding rock n roll romp, relentless in it’s … Continue reading

Festival Preview: Live At Leeds

Live At Leeds 2015 Live At Leeds returns for another year with another massive massive list of new bands who are all battling it out for your attention. The festival has a focus on new music and even some of the headlining acts are still relatively babes in arms, with a few exceptions of the … Continue reading

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