Just Watch: Suzi Wu – Taken Care Of

Suzi Wu Words: Elena Katrina I’ve been a bit obsessed with Suzi Wu since her debut Teenage Witch etched itself into my subconscious and has lived there, creeping me out, for a good few months. I all but jumped up and down when I accidentally had a meeting with one of her team last week … Continue reading

Just Watch: Nick Mulvey – Myela

Nick Mulvey Words: Nick Bewes Nick Mulvey has just released his second album, Wake Up Now. One of the first songs from that latest album is Myela is a response to the refugee crisis and the video is directed by Majid Adin, who is an award winning Iranian filmmaker & refugee. It’s equally breathtaking and … Continue reading

Just Watch: White Fever – Sands

White Fever Words: Elena Katrina Let White Fever slowly but surely weave their magic upon you with their new track Sands. It’s captivating in its delivery; with hypnotising layers of vocals and it’s atmospheric, drawn out soundtrack. There’s something a little eerie about the whole affair but I can’t keep myself from listening, over and … Continue reading

Just Watch: Liam Gallagher – Wall Of Glass

Liam Gallagher Words: Gary Lambert Starting off with a mix of guitar, heavy bass drums, and harmonica like the bastard son of Swamp Song, Wall of Glass ,Liam Gallagher’s first proper solo offering reminds us in three and a half minutes exactly why we need him. The sneer in his voice might be a comedy … Continue reading

Just Watch: Vant – Do You Know Me

Vant Words: Gary Feeney With almost 5 million Spotify streams to their name, it’d be fair to say that VANT have been making their presence felt since the release of their first single less than two years ago, and with their debut album, Dumb Blood, due next month, they look set to explode into the … Continue reading

Just Watch: Happyness – Falling Down

HAPPYNESS Words: Jasmin Robinson After their debut album Weird Little Birthday received a massively positive response upon its release in 2014, the hype surrounding London trio Happyness has been quite something. Three years on, and these alt-rock boys are back with the announcement of their sophomore album Write In, set for release on April 7th, and … Continue reading

Just Watch: Amber Run – Fickle Game

Amber Run Words: Elena Katrina Fickle Game sees a slight return to a more “classic session” Amber Run sound, in terms of a stripped back sound, piano and a real focus on Joe’s vocals and the stunning harmonies. The lyrics here though remain on the darker side as with their most recent tracks. The fragility … Continue reading

Just Watch: Jamie T – Power Over Men

Jamie T Words: James Booton After making his fans wait a good five years between his 2nd and 3rd albums, Jamie T is back after just two, with brand new music and a brand new feel. The rumours of a new album from the thirty-year-old sent the likes of twitter and Facebook into madness and now … Continue reading

Just Watch: She Drew The Gun – Poem

She Drew The Gun It’s been a fabulous journey so far for She Drew The Gun and watching her grow and evolve from just a solo act with a guitar to building up layers of sound with a band over the past year+ has been thrilling. Finally Louisa has got it all ready to put … Continue reading

Just Watch: Katie And I – Wolves (Live)

Katie And I With the simplicity of two voices and one piano Katie And I manage to create one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in such a long time. With the most delicate graceful movement the track builds in passion through the outpouring of emotion that is carried in the vocal. The … Continue reading

Just Watch: Kid Wave – I’m Trying To Break Your Heart

Kid Wave Watch the video for I’m Trying To Break Your Heart here: Kid Wave have released the video for their latest single – I’m Trying To Break Your Heart – taken from their recently released debut album, Wonderlust.  The track showcases the minimalist production that should go with a band having so many elements, it feels … Continue reading

Just Watch: The Maccabees – Marks To Prove It (Acoustic)

The Maccabees Watch the video for Marks To Prove It Acoustic here: Having recently released their latest alum, Marks To Prove It, The Maccabees have recorded this wonderful stripped back version of the title track. We love it so much we just wanted to share it!  

Just Watch: The Big Moon – The Road

The Big Moon Watch the video for The Road here: The Big Moon aren’t the kind of band who scream and shout “look at us look at us”. No. What they do is much more subtle than that. They’re ninjas. Their sounds casually attack you when you least expect it. The Road does just that … Continue reading

Just Watch: Eaves – As Old As A Grave

Eaves Watch the video for As Old As A Grave here: Following a wave of hugely successful acts in the realm of singer songwriters and doom-folk inspired acts to include the likes of Hozier comes Eaves with his new video for As Old As A Grave. Full of beautifully haunting high notes from Eaves’ strong … Continue reading

Just Watch: Wolf Alice: You’re a Germ

Wolf Alice Watch the video for You’re a Germ here: From the Grunge-rock girl-fronted band that everyone is talking about this year, Wolf Alice have released the grindhouse inspired video for their latest single You’re a Germ. What feels like a B-grade slasher follows the group through a series of hilarious gore-filled scenes and shows that the band … Continue reading

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