Album Review: Amber Run – For A Moment, I Was Lost

For  A Moment, I Was Lost

Released February 10th 2017

Words: Elena Katrina

amber run for a moment i was lostThe impending doom some bands must feel when they begin working on their notoriously “difficult second album”. You have had a lifetime’s worth of experiences and practise to hone yourselves to the best of what you want to be for your debut album. I imagine a band to be something akin to a marriage, while the paperwork and ceremony is less public.

A band must then go forward and create new (musical) life. Everyone pulling together for the same goal – then very publicly sharing the fruit of their hearts and souls with the world, all under a cloud of financial and industry pressures. Living in a tour bus, yesterdays pants, inside out and holes in socks. And you’re not just married to one person, but three, or four. It goes well for a while and then, all of a sudden, something changes and a hoard of supporters are questioning you. And you have to go away and magic up this second gift – though now you are stressed and life has been full of parties, gigs, and hours upon hours in that stuffy tour bus. Where do you draw your influences and experiences from now? There’s now a heady expectation and it looms.

This might sound like quite a dark way to open up an Amber Run album review, but it feels pretty much befitting. The band have taken a darker direction, taking from their bitter fight to regroup when things didn’t go to plan as per those contracted vows that were taken, whatever those may or may not have been. A strength, a creative flair and dedication as well as knowing in your bones that you have talent, is what is required in these circumstances. To know. It’s with all of this fight that Amber Run have pooled together, despite the loss of a member, to speak out, hit back and create an album in For A Moment, I Was Lost, that showcases the dark and the light, the struggle and the fight and, in my mind, delivers a highly accomplished and beautifully polished album despite the grit.

Insomniac is by way of introducing us to the album, uptempo in spirit, bitter in nature and so the album continues, with the already known darkness of single No Answers. A track that creeps along menacingly in sound and melancholic in it’s lyrical content; “I forgive you but can’t forget you because the things you said are etched inside my brain”. Before eventually splattering heartbreak and anger all up the wall then ending in a cathartic slump. Perfect continues the darker musical feeling on this album, with angry, spiteful lyrics juxtaposed against a desperate call to get what you feel you have worked for and deserve “oh karma karma please bear what I’m owed.” Clashing and thrashing guitars, deep harsh bass lines and thuds of angry drums sit alongside whirls of synths and an unsettling vocal harmony. If you’re feeling angry at the world then this one’s going to really fuel that fire.

There are tender moments on For A Moment, I Was Lost, tender yet still heart wrenching. Machine, has a haunting sound that coupled with Joe’s delicate and vulnerable vocal and desperate question of “do you love me?” is sure to bring tears to the eyes of even the most cold hearted. As those gentle glistening guitar strums and slowly suffocating piano keys plant big fat lumps in the back of the throat. “I want to tell you everything, I want to give myself away”.
Fickle Game sees a strong return of the harmonies, something that the band are renowned for but they take a very different approach to them in this chapter of the band’s story. The band’s song writing has also taken a serious step, while I always have known they were gifted, the ability to really lay your emotions, fears and wants on the line so publicly and so beautifully goes to prove that this is way beyond your average indie band. Soul searching and bleakly honest “I wanna be older, I wanna be stronger, I don’t want to fall at the start”…. to move on to “I’m young enough to know I’ll end up dying and not young enough to forget again. I’m sick of fickle games cos life’s a fickle game we play.” Some seriously deep sentiments dressed up in a stark and stunning song.

White Lie and Haze both deal with themes of depression and struggle, both in very different ways, Haze has a real coldness to it and White Lie a much warmer feel, despite it’s subject matter. I told you this album was one of struggle and darkness right? Then there’s the tick tock sounds on Are You Home that make me hold my breath, a reminder that time continues to pass normally yet of having that feeling that it’s passing so slow when you don’t know the answers. It’s a beautifully drawn picture that is created here and the drum machine adds a softer touch and tone.
It’s the closing track of Wasteland that, despite my love and connection to every other track on the album that hits me the hardest. With swirls of guitars that sound like an orchestra, this track is their final bow on For A Moment, I Was Lost. The acceptance, the stark truth and the goodbye “And I know you’ll fall in love again, when you do, I hope you’ll find somebody who you can love like I love you.” It’s a heat-wrenchingly declaration and I won’t lie that I’ve lost control of my emotions, repeatedly, to this song, big fat sobs in fact. The marching drums, the tight wall of guitar swirls, all mimicking that anxious and sorrowful heart. If you let it in this track will both destroy and heal.

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