Just Listen: All We Are – Burn It All Out

All We Are

Words: Gary Feeney

The three members of All We Are hail from Brazil, Ireland and Norway before moving to Liverpool where they met and formed their band, so it seems fitting that having travelled sizeable distances to begin their musical career, they’ve also taken a significant musical journey between releasing their self-titled debut album in 2015 and their new single, Burn It All Out.

Darker and more intense than its predecessors, Burn It All Out is quite an intriguing number. Opening with a simple synth-led rhythm, the same pattern repeats for the first minute or so with an extra layer of sound being introduced each time, adding an increased urgency with every bar before harmonised, slightly ethereal vocals come in. As the song reaches its climax, the same phrase returns and keeps building with each repetition, and yet by the end it feels like it has returned full circle to the beginning. It’s an unusual structure, but for all the apparent simplicity of the riff, even after repeated listens you’re still left wondering where it’s going to go next.

It’s a big change in direction for the band, but one that suggests that it will lead them to good places.

Listen to Burn It All Out here:


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