Interview: A Void

A Void

Words and Photographs by Gary Lambert

We get to watch lots of bands, and it might seem harsh to state that at times they all merge into one another, but on the average week this year I’ve seen probably four gigs with between three and six acts at each gig so I’d say it isn’t being that ridiculous to estimate that I’ve seen 130 different sets since 1 January 2019. I had never seen A Void before, but walking along the cobbles of Mathew Street it was obvious that they were a band by the level of intimidating cool emanating from them as they had a smoke break before soundcheck.

With the level of gothic moodiness they provided in image (their music has a lot more punk energy than I expected), I was shocked to hear them say that they were feeling great, “Everything is awesome”. It was their second gig at Liverpool after previously playing at Brick Street in the Baltic Triangle and it obviously allowed the band to feel comfortable rather than alien in the city.

Although feeling alien should not be a surprise to this band. Whilst they are based in London, Marie and Camille met at music school in Paris where they played with their original bassist, when they went their separate ways with him, the pair moved to London to play as a two-piece. One day last July they were walking through a park and met their future-bassist on a bench. Yes, on a bench! “We were looking for directions, but we found a bass player instead. Just randomly we found a musician on the street. To be honest, he looked like a drug dealer but we got talking and it turned out he was a guitarist. It is a musician’s look”.

I wanted to know if there had been any standout moments so far in the career of A Void and I was bewildered by the answer. “Well there was one time when Aaron put nail polish all over his mouth after a gig. You really could add that to the list of the most stupid things ever”. At which point Aaron shrugged and gave a look of “shit happens” that I recognise from so many of the strange moments of my life. “And we’ve got electrocuted on stage a couple of times. And we were kicked out a venue because I put my pad on a speaker. When we turned up there, they looked at us from top to bottom and it was obvious they just didn’t like us, and that was that. They wanted to get rid of us”.

It’s always handy to find out the bands that other acts would recommend you take in, and Gang who are from Margate. “They’re like a family band in how they bring music together. They have progressive rock mixed with grunge mixed with anything else they want to put in”. Gang is not the easiest name to find online, but if you’re intrigued, I’d suggest going for their fifteen-minute epic As Bridgette Bellows From Her Lair as it is much easier to find. It’s a wild ride make no mistake. “Dutch Mustard are a band we have played with a few times and they are very, very good. In fact, I would play again with them tomorrow as they are so good. They’re a bit like Shame, but everybody knows Shame already”.

I think soon enough everybody will know A Void as they have everything people love with rock bands.

Check out the debut album from A Void, Awkward and Devastated, below:

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