Interview: Judas

Judas Words: Elena Katrina Photos: Fi Carroll We’ve been cheekily sitting on this interview with Judas for some months now, waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for what you might ask. Well waiting for “that” moment, the right time to leash this lil beauty onto the world and it would seem that the time has come – … Continue reading

Festival Review: Liverpool Sound City 2016

Liverpool Sound City 2016 Words: Elena Katrina Photos: Fi Carroll After last year’s move away from the city and along to Bramley-Moore Docks there was much to think about and much to feel excited about. As the year went on the prospect of another year at the docks slowly sunk in. It’s difficult sometimes to … Continue reading

Interview: Band Of Skulls

Band Of Skulls Words: Elena Katrina Photos: Sara Harvey It’s an exciting time right now if you’re a fan of Band Of Skulls, or indeed are one of the three awesome people in Band Of Skulls – at least I think so. With album number four, By Default,  done and dusted and sat waiting to … Continue reading

Interview: The Amazons

The Amazons Words: Gary Lambert Regardless of how an interview goes, I always come away from the sessions feeling fortunate to meet the artist or band. It is exciting to see beyond the looking glass and get some insight into what goes on in the lives of a rock band. Sometimes the band you meet … Continue reading

Interview: Sundara Karma

Sundara Karma Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones Generally within the first three minutes of meeting a band you have a good idea as to how the interview is going to go. When Popped Music met Sundara Karma at the end of an intensive tour, as the band’s collective target was to play three more … Continue reading

Interview: Axel Flóvent

Axel Flovent Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones As we see so often with our friends, favourite bands and other animals making a career in the music industry in the UK is very hard work.  Bands spend weeks touring around the country to try to get the exposure and fan base necessary to convince record … Continue reading

Interview: Sunset Sons

Sunset Sons Words: Lauren Grigor Photos: C. Alex de Freitas I’ve always found that artists and bands with the most staying power in the industry are those with integrity; they believe in what they’re doing and they don’t fake it, even their extra-curricular activities are reflected in their music genre That’s exactly the feeling I … Continue reading

Interview: Blossoms

Blossoms Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones When you get a text message asking if you want to meet one of the brightest hopes in the British music scene, the answer is always yes. When you’re given the chance to interview and photograph them, the answer is YES (followed by a deep breath to stop … Continue reading

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