Playlist Winner Q&A: Twin Pines

Twin Pines

Playlist 003 Winner

twin pinesFor those who haven’t got to grips with you yet – please introduce yourselves:

Hello Popped Music! We are Twin Pines from Glasgow! We play music that we like, which obviously would involve synthesisers, good beats and cool guitar sounds. There’s three of us (No, there’s no twins). Barry on lead vocals, guitar and synth, Callum and bass and synth and Graham on drums.

How did you all meet and what is it you saw in each other to decide to start a band?
We pretty much met through luck, originally Barry was in another band that came to an end so was on the hunt for some new musicians to work with and stumbled across Callum in the local music scene. Barry then seen Graham playing on TV as part of a session job he was doing at the time, so got in touch over social media and after a jam in the studio we knew this was the start of something exciting. The rest was history.

What do you see as being your biggest challenges ahead as a band?

Our biggest challenge is getting used to being so busy all the time .Just now we are trying to juggle gigs, finishing our album and planning future shows. We just got back from playing a show in Manila, before which we were recording down in London for two months and now we have our debut hometown show coming up. It doesn’t help that we are all far too laid back for our own good, getting anything done is a real accomplishment for us so you can imagine how hectic things get sometimes, it’s all worth it in the end though.

What have been your highlights as a band so far?
So far our biggest highlight has to be the last few months, which has consisted of living in London writing and recording our debut album. It was great to throw ourself a into it because it we really began to find our sound and direction as a band which was really cool! We’ve found the band dynamic now and know exactly what we want to do. The second highlight to date has to be when we went to Manila in The Philippines to play “In the Mix” a few weeks ago where we shared the stage with The 1975, James Bay and Panic! At The Disco. The gig was great and the Fans were amazing, it was pretty surreal for us that we got such a great reception on the other side of the world.
Are there any new bands you love who you think everyone else should be checking out now too? – Please let us know who
A band you should all check out if you haven’t already are our mates Baby Strange their debut album is released very soon and it’s brilliant! Another band we are all really into right now is LANY. They have some really cool songs and we like to listen to them in the van. They played king tuts in Glasgow recently and were excellent! They’re definitely someone to check out! Another cool band we are into is Blossoms, we really like the 80’s synth rock vibe they have going on.

What do you do to ease the boredom of long journeys for gigs?

We always have tunes on the go and Ricky Gervais podcasts are a godsend for long journeys. Barry also has a gift for talking so we can usually kill a couple of hours listening to him. A recent discovery for us was the game ‘Heads up’, the one where someone puts a phone to their head and everyone else has to act out a saying or scenario that appears on the screen. It’s basically charades on a phone. On our stupidly long trip to Manila when we were on planes for about 3 years, we realised that we genuinely prefer being in the back of a van, I think we will just drive to the Philippines next time.

What are your pre-show rituals?
We don’t really have any preshow rituals to be honest, we may or may not have a few secret chants that will never be revealed, or maybe we don’t. But if drinking rum before a show counts as a ritual then that definitely is one.


Where can we find you next for gigs?
21st September – London – Cargo


5th November – Inverness – Tooth and Claw
16th November – London – The Social

Please give us three songs to add to our heartbreak playlist:

The cure – disintegration
Nine Inch Nails – Hurt
Sigur Ros – Njosnavelin (untitled 4)


Question from Pure Youth (last playlist poll winner): What’s the most embarrassing moment you as a band (or any band member) have had?


We recently got Stranded in London with our producer cause the ubers kept coming and saying we were too drunk. Barry managed to put on his best sober face for the last time and got in the taxi with our producer Sam. Meanwhile Graham was stumbling with his head hanging down like a zombie directly in front of the taxi, the driver instantly said he was too drunk. Barry quickly pretended that Graham had some rare illness and had just previously collapsed in the bar. Callum stumbles into the taxi and starts going along with the story. Insuring the driver that it’s all true and that Callum (who looks nothing like Graham) was actually Graham’s identical twin, and “had his medication” waiting at home. Our producer decided to offer that if anyone was sick he’d pay 4 times the amount of the fair. Luckily it swayed him. On the condition that Graham hung his head out the window for the 45 minute journey. We got back to our apartment and literally carried Graham home. It was his birthday after all.


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