Live Review: Sundara Karma – Liverpool

Sundara Karma The Magnet, Liverpool, November 4th 2015 Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones The Night Café hit off from the starting blocks hard, but a few blasts of feedback encouraged the band to calm down a touch. Whilst they never sound frenzied, there is a tight sharpness to their playing which hints at a … Continue reading

Live Review: The Wombats – Liverpool

The Wombats Liverpool University Guild Of Students, October 23rd 2015 Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones The Wombats’ hometown gig was the biggest ticket in town on a night when Liverpool had a lot of big tickets on the go.  As part of their Glitterbug world tour they were playing Liverpool Guild of Students.  It … Continue reading

Just Watch: Sundara Karma – Vivienne

Sandara Karma Watch the video for Vivienne here: Continuously raising the bar against not only their previous singles but to other indie bands too, Sundara Karma released the video for their new single Vivienne.  The riffs are driving and the lyrics will no doubt be sung back by crowds which will be growing and growing … Continue reading

Festival Preview: Leeds 2015

Leeds 2015 Our third year back at Leeds festival and as always we can’t wait. The festival offers us a chance to catch up with some bands we don’t usually go to see, some bands we’ve been writing about for ages and some we’ve never seen! As always the line up is looking strong and … Continue reading

Just Listen: Sundara Karma – Flame

Sundara Karma Listen to Flame here: Watch the video for Flame here: They won’t thank me, nor like me, at all for saying so but for a band with such damn brilliant tunes they sure do have a killer of a band name. But we’re not really here to discuss that are we? No. Sundara … Continue reading

Just Watch: Sundara Karma – Loveblood

Sundara Karma Watch the video for Loveblood here: Sandara Karma’s current single Loveblood was missing just one thing: a video. Luckily for all of us they finally got around to making one. The track is still making all the right noises to keep us happy and the video gives a hint at the energy of … Continue reading

Just Listen: Sundara Karma – Waves

Sundara Karma Listen to Waves here: A more chilled out vibe from Sundara Karma. Waves still keeps their guitars at the forefront while allowing for a more spacial feel within which the vocals really stand out. This track really gives the band the opportunity to showcase their ability to create different dynamics. Waves is taken … Continue reading

Just Listen: Sundara Karma – The Night

Sundara Karma Listen to The Night here: With their anthemic swirling guitar riffs and catchy lyrics Sundara Karma showcase more of what they have to offer with new track The Night. The track is taken from their forthcoming EP.

Just Listen: Sundara Karma – Loveblood

Sundara Karma Listen to Loveblood here: Sundara Karma recently supported The Wombats at their intimate home town gig in Liverpool and are now all set to support Darlia for the NME Awards show in London next month. They also recently shared their new track Loveblood; a pulsating and thunderously catchy number.

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